23-02-2012 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Arrianne Aukes in de spotlights

Ze begon met windsurfen op haar achtste en haar ouders windsurfen allebei. Arrianne Aukes ( RRD/Simmer/Dakine/AL360) heeft de afgelopen twee jaren een goede ontwikkeling doorgemaakt binnen de PWA worldtour en is afgelopen jaar als vijfde geëindigd. Arrianne heeft de hele winter hard getraind om zo optimaal te presteren binnen de World Tour 2012. De PWA heeft haar benaderd voor een interview om zo wat meer te weten te komen over haar en het aankomend seizoen.

Interview: www.pwaworldtour.com

PWA: Firstly, what are your thoughts on the 2011 season and how would you rate your result?

Aukes: “2011 was my second year of PWA and I knew a bit more what to expect this time.

In Bonaire I ended fourth place, and it felt great to have such a result and get such a reward for all the training! Overall I became fifth place in 2011, and I was really happy with that result”.

PWA: How long have you been windsurfing?

Aukes: “Both my parents are windsurfers and I couldn’t wait until I was big enough to try it as well. I think I started when I was eight years old. But I didn’t do freestyle until I went on a windsurf trip in 2008 and I saw all the pro freestylers doing crazy moves. I wanted to learn that as well! That’s when I learned my first Vulcan”.

PWA: Who has been your biggest influence on your sailing?

Aukes: “There are a lot of people who had an influence on my sailing, and there are so many people inspiring me. But if I have to choose one, it’s my dad! He is so stoked for windsurfing and he made me love the sport so much as well. When I was little, he always rigged up my gear and pushed me to go on the water. Actually my whole family supports me so much; they also came to support me during the PWA in Fuerteventura”.

PWA: What would you be doing if you weren’t windsurfing?

Aukes: ”Good question, can’t imagine I’m not windsurfing! But I have a degree in Business and Organisation, and I like to organise and teach, so maybe I would do something with that.  Or maybe I would be travelling around the world or so, anything is possible!”

PWA: Where is your favourite place to windsurf, and why?

Aukes: “I like so many spots, but my favourite places are Jericoacoara and Camocim in Brazil. It is the spot where I learned my first freestyle moves, it’s windy every day, there are some amazing flat water spots and some with waves, and I really like the people, the atmosphere and the country”.

PWA: What is your favourite move, and why?

Aukes: “The Ponch! I just learned that move a few months ago, and it gives such a good feeling.  I really like the move because you jump off a wave and it’s not a sliding move, and it feels sick when you’re in the air! The only bad thing about the move is that I have even more scars on my legs now by learning it. :)”.










PWA: What move did you find the hardest to learn and why?

Aukes: “I think that was the flaka, because it took me quite a while”.

PWA: What new move are you currently learning?

Aukes: “I’m trying to make my moves more consistent and I’m working on switch konos at the moment”.

PWA: How do you learn your moves? Videos? Watching others?

Aukes: “If I want to learn a new move, I look at others and try to visualize it. And when I start trying them, I watch my tries back on video and I ask other freestylers for advice.  And I just keep on trying and trying!”

PWA: Where is your favourite spot on the PWA freestyle tour and why?

Aukes: “I think my favourite spot on the women Tour is Bonaire. I know the conditions there because I went there a couple of times for training and I like the consistent wind and flat water. But I’m also really keen to go to Vietnam to see what it’s like there; it’s really cool to see a new spot as well”. 

PWA: How does competition make you feel? And how do to do prepare for your heats?

Aukes: “I really like the feeling of competing. Sometimes I can get really nervous before an important heat, and when it goes bad I feel awful, but the feeling when you sail good in a heat is so great!  I like to push myself and make the best out of it

Before my heats I make sure I eat healthy, get enough sleep and try to focus on the competition”.

PWA: What do you do when you’re not windsurfing?

Aukes: “I love to spend time with my friends and family, go snowboarding, biking, running or any other kind of sport, and I really like to read. And of course I’m working a lot in Holland to finance my next windsurf trips! “

PWA: What are your goals for 2012?

Aukes: “Enjoy every moment on the water, learn more moves and do well in the PWA Tour!”