30-06-2010 - Surfen, Nieuws

Billabong Pro J-Bay Webisode 4: ‘Going Green’

This year sees another concerted effort by Billabong to once again make the Billabong Pro J-Bay a ‘greener event.’ Billabong have partnered with Cleaner Climate for a second year, to work out the greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with hosting the event, and have implemented a series of sustainable practices to assist in decreasing our carbon footprint.

The intention of greening the Billabong Pro J-Bay is to minimize the environmental impact of the event through a wide array of emission reduction initiatives

The estimated total carbon footprint of the Billabong Pro is 365 tons of CO2. This includes emissions arising from officials and competitors air travel to J-Bay, and their ground transport and accommodation whilst at the event; onsite fuel consumption, electricity usage, event vehicles, event waste and paper consumption.

These emissions will be reduced where possible through a number of greening initiatives, and the remaining emissions will be offset using United Nations Kyoto compliant carbon credits ensuring that the Billabong Pro is a low carbon, climate-conscious event and that the barrels ridden at Supertubes are green in more ways than one!






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