29-05-2012 - Snowboarden, Nieuws

Black bear open

RHYTHM presenteerde dit jaar met trots de Black Bear Open in Björkliden (Zweden). Een slopestyle competitie in een natuurlijke omgeving in de pool cirkel in the middle of nowhere.

Inspired by the comic books of the Phantom and his jungle friends, swedens renowned snowboard crew the “Gälka Warriors”  shoveled and shaped inventive obstacles such as a “liana” a “cave” etc. in the back country area called “Black Bear”.

Friday’s side event “Spray and Play” was a great opener for a weekend with good riding and almost perfect weather conditions.  In an open session “no strings attached”, riders showed their skills and enjoyed the mind-blowing countryside of the arctic circle.

[vimeo id=”42152813″]


Black Bear Open

1. Viktor Björnström

2. Johan Airijoki

3. Joel Hagström


Spray and Play

Highest Ollie:
Filip Johansson

Best Rider:
Pär Muntlin

Best trick:
Anton Olofsson