18-04-2011 - Surfen, Nieuws

Brent Dorrington wint de O’Neill CWC Schotland 2011

Lord Brent Dorrington wint de O’Neill Cold Water Classic Schotland 2011. Lord Jay Quinn nam de tweede plaats in. Dorington mocht de Highland Sword heffen boven zijn hoofd na zijn overwinning.

“I decided to man up and come try to surf in the cold,” zei Gold Coast surfer Brent. “I’m so glad that I did. I’ve never be in a final and to win my first final is the best feeling ever.” “I am on top of the Cold Water Classic Series now, so I am going to be focused on that and the $50,000,” zei hij. “Plus this week was the best waves I have ever surfed in a competition.”

Na zijn Lord-titel en $20.000 prijzengeld mocht Brent de Highland Sword ook nog mee naar huis nemen.

“My friends who I travel with – Lord Adam Melling and Lord Royden Bryson – both have a Highland Sword each, so it’s great I have one too now,” zei Brent. “I’m going to hang that sword on my wall in the pool room above the pool table.”

Highlights finale:

[youtube id=”IQrY5z1v1M4″ w=”630″ h=”384″]