25-07-2016 - Kitesurfen, Nieuws

Brunotti & Liam Whaley slaan handen ineen

Brunotti heeft weer een wereldkampioen toegevoegd aan het team: Liam Whaley. Vorig jaar wist hij de wereldtitel freestyle op zijn naam te zetten. Liam zal deel uitmaken van het Brunotti team om bij te kunnen dragen aan de ontwikkeling van Rider Developed Products. Dit moeten leiden tot nog betere prestaties op de wereldkampioenschappen! 

Beeld: Toby Bromwich

Zijn ervaring, expertise en skills zullen een sleutelrol spelen bij toekomstige ontwikkelingen van het merk. Op deze wijze hopen Brunotti & Liam Whaley iedereen op het water te krijgen, om vooruitgang te boeken met iedere sessie!


Liam Whaley (1996) gained his kiteboarding experience in the wind capital of Europe; Tarifa. After a few years of kiting in Ibiza he moved to Tarifa in order to profit from the perfect training conditions. For the last 7 years this has been his home spot and training facility. All these training hours paid off in 2015 when Liam (18 years old at that time) gained the 2015 world champion freestyle title.

The future looks bright for this young talent, gaining even more experience and progression with every session. With two generations of freestyle world champions (Youri Zoon and Liam Whaley) pushing each other there will be no limit of what this team can reach. With a variety of watermen and woman pushing different boardsports and learning from each other, the Brunotti synergy will create the perfect and inspiring home ground for Liam.

Liam will not only wear our apparel on the beach, but will also ride with our water wear when kiting, surfing or wakeboarding. Liam is stoked about our Smartshell Harness, since his first session it’s giving him full body movement while not compromising any support. At the same time our wetsuits allow him maximum comfort and freedom of movement, making the perfect waterwear combination for this freestyle athlete.

What Liam has to say about his corporation with Brunotti: “When Brunotti got in contact with me I was over the moon. I have felt part of their family since day one as Brunotti and the people who work within the company create such a friendly ambience. I have always liked their products and the style that they create. This year Brunotti have taken it to the next level, they have released a new line which is unbelievable! I will proudly ride their products, work closely with them on development and innovations and Just keep on pushing the fantastic Image and Philosophy that this brand already have. I am positive that the gear will push my riding higher and further than ever before which will most definitely help me to continue perusing my dreams.”