20-09-2014 - Kitesurfen, Nieuws

Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam Dag 1-2

Dag één en twee brachten sterke passaatwinden met zich mee, iets waar Barra Grande bekend om is. Het duurde slechts kort voor de wind side-shore draaide en zorgde voor goede freestyle condities. Beide dagen waren een genot voor het oog, verzorgd door het aanhouden van de krachtige passaatwinden. Lees hier de verslagen van dag één en twee, het ging helemaal los.

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Day One – Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam


Day one brought the strong prevalent trade winds that Barra Grande is well known for, from sunrise the wind was in and it was just a matter time until it switched side-shore enough for consistent freestyle conditions. The trials got underway at twelve o’clock and the high level of riding in the strong conditions was something both competitors and judges were impressed with. The Brazilian riders really put on a show, all of them doing their up-most to try and qualify for the main event. 317’s and Backside 315’s were the flavour of the day with many Brazilian riders performing these technically difficult tricks in the strong, choppy competition conditions. Set Texiera probably showed us the most technical heat with an S-bend 7, Backside 317 and Frontside 317, no doubt he will be one to watch out for in the main event.

The highlight of the day was un-doubtably a huge un-makeable Slim Chance flicked by Carlos Madson, Madson appeared above the kite for a moment and everyone on the beach cringed a little as he tried to make it stick. The stella performance of the 9 year old (Mikaili Thompson) who made it through the Womens trials and into the main event can not be overlooked however as she is one of the youngest competitors ever to make the main draw. It will be interesting to see both of these Brazilian rippers tear it up in the main event in the days to come.

Conditions for the following days look amazing, as usual Barra Grande has delivered a solid wind forecast and the riders will have to show their best to make an impact on the judges in these strong conditions. Make sure you tune in to the PKRA Facebook page and Twitter feeds for all the action and competition info.

Day Two – Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam


Day two singled the start of the Freestyle main event and the continuation of the strong Brazilian trade winds. Twelve O’clock saw the Men take to the water on seven to nine meter kites with many opting to size down as the day carried on. The level of riding was as intense as in the trials with many of the men unleashing big 317’s or BS315’s in their heats. The Brazilians put on a graceful performance in the harsh conditions but sadly it was to be only the youngster Carlos Mario who would make it through to the next round.

The Women took to the water on five meter kites across the board, with the harsh conditions appearing to be a challenge for most. The local Brazilian rider Dioneia Vieira had the best heat from the ladies posting up a nice Backmobe and Front to blind in the tricky conditions. It’s no suprise to see that the training at her local Brazilian spot Cumbuco has been paying off, it will be interesting to see how she performs tomorrow.

Aaron Hadlow had what appeard to be the start to a stella heat until retiring suddenly after his third trick. After the heat Aaron said that he had hurt his ribs training the days previous to the event and he was in too much pain to continue his heat. We wish Aaron all the best and hope he heals up in time for the final two events in China.

The pressure for the overall mens World title is still on with both Christophe Tack and Liam Whaley through to the quarter finals. Whaley rode a great heat in the harsh conditions posting up arguably the  cleanest and most powered heat of the day with a big Backside 315 sealing the deal over the talented Brazilian rider Set Teixeira. Tack on the other hand rode what appeared to be a quite reserved heat, whether that was his strategy or whether the car accident he was in a few days previous is holding him back remains to be seen, I guess we will know the answer to that question and more tomorrow. Either way both Tack and Whaley are through to the next round and tomorrow will be a new day of exciting competition.

With the wind in Barra Grande only strengthening throughout the day it’s been decided that tomorrows skipper meeting will be set for a slightly earlier time, we hope this will enable the riders to perform at their peak and we’re all excited to see the action un-fold tomorrow. Make sure you don’t miss any of it by checking out the PKRA Facebook page and Twitter feeds for the competitions latest!