14-03-2012 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Dario Ojeda naar Gaastra/Tabou!

Gaastra/Tabou is trots met het verwelkomen van Dario Ojeda, de top wave rider uit de Canarische Eilanden. Met afgelopen jaar een 6e plaats in de PWA Wave tour lijkt Dario nog steeds beter te gaan varen voor de world tour in 2012.
Hieronder een interview met Dario om te achterhalen wat er in zijn hoofd omgaat en wat hem drijft om zichzelf te blijven pushen.

Het interview

Congrats on a solid finish in 2011- were you expecting this result or what were your goals?
DO:Thanks! I worked hard during the beginnig of the year so this was the result of it.

When you look back on the year, are there any moments that stand out?
DO:Definitively was at Pozo PWA, where I got 3th place beating big names like Swift,Brawsinho,Kauli and Ricardo.

How about one move that you might have pulled off to make a difference on your overall ranking- where was it and what was it?
DO:I think the moves that gave me those points to win those heats were the doubles forwards and the 360,s front and backsides.

Of all the places you have been in the world, what location stands out as your favorite sailing spot?
DO:I can’t say on that because there is too many unreal places in the world to choose one, anyone where has good waves.

Where are you going to be in the offseason?
DO:searching for good waves!

What is your favorite board/sail combo and why?
DO:IQ and 85 Da curve.
I use Iq because it is a really compact and light sail really easy to ride with and the Da Curve because it´s a board which turn really good and incredible easy for tricks in the waves.

Goals for 2012?
DO:Have a lot of fun sailing in spots with good waves and try to do some good results in the events.