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De hoogtepunten van Eurobike 2011

Meer dan 40.000 bezoekers uit 100 landen bezochten Eurobike, meer dan 20.000 fietsfanaten woonden Eurobike bij en 1800 journalisten van over de hele wereld waren aanwezig!

Award Winnaars

Uit een totaal van 430 producten selecteerden de jury 59 award winnaars, verdeeld zoals hieronder staat:

  • 48 producten ontvingen de EUROBIKE AWARD 2011
  • 10 producten ontvingen de EUROBIKE GOLD award 2011
  • 1 product ontving de EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD 2011

De 10 winnaars van de EUROBIKE GOLD award 2011:

Categorie: All Terrain Bike / Traveller Bike / Trekking Bike
Product: WorldTraveller 29er – Travel Bike
Bedrijf: Koga BV, Heerenveen/Nederland
Design: Martin Schuttert, Reina Osinga, Mark Dorlandt
Koga BV, Heerenveen/Nederland

Jury: “One” bike that stands out from the crowd due to its high quality of workmanship. A no-problem bike for long trips with lots of baggage. A really solid story.”

Categorie: E-Bike / Pedelec
Product: FLYER Cargo – Transport Bike
Bedrijf: Biketec AG, Huttwil/Zwitserland
Design: Biketec AG, Huttwil/Zwitserland

Jury: “The FLYER Cargo is a transport bike with a really great feature – when the going gets tough, you just switch the motor on. Perfectly implemented. Thanks to its solid frame and the small, sturdy wheels, it’s easy to ride even when it has to carry a lot of weight. It’s easily and quickly adjustable to any size.”

Categorie: E-Bike / Pedelec
Product: TDR FluxX – Pedelec
Bedrijf: Theo de Rooij Bikes B.V., Holten/Nederland
Design: Theo de Rooij Bikes B.V., Holten/Nederland

Jury: “A pedelec of the future, which features gear-shifting and automatic motor support. Riding goes easy on the battery to ensure as wide as possible a range. An impressive design – the technology is well integrated. What a great ride!”

Categorie: Mountainbike Hardtail
Product: Haibike Greed 29 – 29” Carbon Hardtail
Bedrijf: Winora-Staiger GmbH, Sennfeld/Duitsland
Design: Karo Bayer, Felix Puello, Christian Malik, Jonathan Sweet
Haibike Design Team, Sennfeld/Duitsland

Jury: “The Haibike is an exceptional mountain bike. It is a real eye-catcher: starting with its clean lines, there are colorful accents and then the perfected technology. It doesn’t get better than this.”

Categorie: Road Bike
Product: Supersix EVO Ult. – Rennrad
Bedrijf: Cycling Sports Group, Basel/Zwitserland
Design: Cycling Sports Group, Basel/Zwitserland

Jury: “A real, no-frills lightweight road bike. With an ingenious frame technology – made really clean. Despite the extremely high innovation, it’s still very good value for the money.”

Categorie: Special-purpose Bikes
Product: Gekko Trike – Recumbent three-wheel bike
Bedrijf: HP Velotechnik Hollants und Pulvermüller GbR
Design: Daniel Pulvermüller, Martin Wöllner, Paul J.W. Hollants
HP Velotechnik Hollants und Pulvermüller GbR, Kriftel/Duitsland

Jury: “The Gekko trike is a very nice, sporty three-wheeled bike. It doesn’t look like it can be put together in a jiffy and stored in the trunk of almost any car, but it can. Super technology, implemented in the right way. Really great!”

Categorie: Kleding
Product: Oratory Jacket – Bike jacket
Bedrijf: Brompton Bicycle Ltd, Brentford/Groot-Brittanie
Design: Brompton Bicycle Ltd, Brentford/Groot-Brittanie

Jury: “An elegant as well as functional jacket with lots of bike features: well-integrated reflection strips provide for safety, the cut allows for enough freedom of movement and the material directs perspiration away from the body. Really well made.”

Categorie: Kleding
Product: Octane SL III – Racing bike shoes
Bedrijf: PEARL iZUMi GmbH, Kirchzarten/Duitsland
Design: Tony Torrance, Philip Majure
PEARL iZUMi USA, Inc., Louisville/VS

Jury: “A real lightweight, but also a heavyweight in terms of design. Most modern materials have been incorporated without any frills in a highly functional, visually very appealing shoe. This is what the shoe world was missing up to now: the choice of materials results in extremely comfortable footwear – as if you were wearing a sandal.”

Categorie: Elektronische Componenten
Product: AGT – Automatic gear shifting
Bedrijf: JD Europe Components GmbH, Bad Nauheim/Duitsland
Design: JD Europe Components GmbH, Bad Nauheim/Duitsland

Jury: “Automatic gear shifting of the future: Not only the motor performance, the transmission is also automatically adjusted. This makes it possible to avoid ‘ver-gear problems’, and also saves a lot of energy, which leads to a much greater range. It’s a new trend!”

Categorie: Accessories
Product: MICHELIN Protek Max – Bike innertube
Bedrijf: Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA, Karlsruhe/Duitsland
Design: Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA, Karlsruhe/Duitsland

Jury: “A product that’s almost 100 years old that has really been improved: it is virtually resistant to punctures, much easier to fit into the tires and holds the tire pressure for longer. To improve such a daily product so much is definitely worth a GOLD award!”


De EUROBIKE GREEN AWARD wordt gegeven aan een product dat zich specifiek op de duurzaamheid en milieubewustheid van dit product richt. Deze prijs is in ontvangst genomen door E-bike-mobility, een verhuurbedrijf van e-bikes, in Markdorf/Duitsland.

Categorie: Accessoires
Product: BT 20-112 – Park and rental station for bikes
Bedrijf: e-bike-mobility, a brand of Stone Manufaktur GmbH
Design: Patrick Bartsch, Timo Bartsch, e-bike-mobility, Markdort/D, MAP Architekten Meckenbeuren/Stuttgart/Germany

Jury: “This fully automatic parking garage and rental station can accommodate from 20 up to 112 bikes – depending on the height, it can be varied for one or up to six levels. A great ecological and efficient concept that really needs a push forward. Thanks to its appealing design and theft protection features, people will be encouraged to use bicycles more than ever before. A really convincing, forward-looking concept that fits well into any city landscape. Powered by solar energy, the garage also does its part to save our resources. It can be used 365 days a year, around the clock. A real innovation: it will first be installed at the main train station in Meckenbeuren in mid-August 2011. As we see it, a real trailblazer for ‘green mobility’.”


Enkele impressies en hoogtepunten van de Eurobike 2011


[youtube id=”K0gLDTOH7V8″]


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