19-05-2014 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Dirk Doppenberg naar Point-7

Dirk Doppenberg, de enige man met dubbel D, komt het Point-7 Black Team versterken! Men is stoked om nog een Nederlander aan boord te hebben. Lees hieronder het officiële persbericht, dat Point-7 met ons deelde. 

Na eerdere ervaringen in de windsurf business zal Dirk niet alleen als rider toetreden tot het Black Team van Point-7. Hij zal voortaan namelijk ook actief zijn als nieuwe sales manager van het merk.


Dirk Doppenberg ‘ “What a great change! I am more than happy to join the Black Team. I always knew that if I would ever change to another brand, I would want work with people around me who live 100% our great sport. Andrea Cucchi and his Team in his office are known for several years in the industry. They have lots of experience to share. Andrea started his career as racer and made his way to the top with his brand and his team. I am more motivated than ever, looking forward to a great future to push my love of windsurfing and sales to the next level.”

dirk1Andrea Cucchi ‘We are just back from the water where Dirk was testing with our team some of the sails. We had a great time in the office in the morning and on the water in the afternoon with also the rest of the Black Team. What to ask more. Dirk has great passion for this sport. He moved away from his original business and built his way through the windsurfing business, accumulating a lot of experience in the different levels. Now the new position as sales manager of Point-7, bringing even more motivation and enthusiasm to the whole team. Dirk is a great windsurfer who proved himself on race and speed fields still holding on to some records. I’m fully excited to have him stand next to all of to continue with our projects.’