20-12-2011 - Snowboarden, Nieuws

DJ Lean Rock’s mixtape

DJ Lean Rock is al meer dan 15 jaar een bekende b-boy in de hiphop wereld en sinds 5 jaar ook een wereldberoemde DJ. Net als Emil Kozak is Lean Rock een van de gezichten van de Braun cruZer campagne. Met de Braun cruZer beard&head komt hij waar dan ook stylish voor de dag!

Speciaal voor ons heeft hij een mixtape in elkaar gezet van 10 van zijn favoriete nummers van de afgelopen tijd en legt hij uit waarom hij voor deze nummers gekozen heeft. Helaas niet downloadable, maar wel heel een hele fijne mixtape om naar te luisteren als je achter je computer zit.

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Stop It – Edo. G
Stop it and focus on your skills! Perfect tune to concentrate on what you’re doing – it makes me forget everything that’s happening around me.

Blast That – Nottz
This song really gets you pumping. It’s got that certain energy to it and I think it really pushes you to do your thing, for instance when you’re riding your board on a bluebird day.

Termanology – 82-92 featuring Mac Miller
This song definitely has a summertime feel to it… My favorite tune to ride some waves, hang out on the beach or have some nice drinks with friends.

Kida – Git’ It feat. Chaundon
If you want it.. you got to go get it! Works for me every time – just listen to it and you’ll feel the vibe!

Nah Mean – Nas & Damian Marley
Perfect song to hit that half pipe… nah mean! It gives you a kick, makes you want to try out something new and feel a bit of adrenaline flowing through your veins!

Hard Times – John Legend & The Roots
Great melody, great vibe… I love this song and find it hard to keep still when it’s playing. And it makes me believe that we can overcome hard times by sticking to what we love… no matter if it’s music, surfing, snowboarding or anything else you’re passionate about.

T.R.O.Y – Mr. Chop
After a long day of hard work this funky tune is the perfect backdrop for getting out there and living it up. My friends love this song when they’re cruising with their skateboards… makes a nice soundtrack for new tricks!

Passion – Classified
Longevity is the outcome of passion… enough said! Passion is the fuel that keeps me going in everything I do. It’s my passion for music, for rhythm and vibes that inspires every single day of my life.

Lose It (In The End) featuring Ghostface Killah – Mark Ronson & The Business International
Have fun and appreciate life… For me, this is the perfect party tune for this summer. It makes you want to get out there and have some fun. Call your friends, grab your board and bring on the action!

Almost A Year Since – Oddisee
This song takes you on a ride, just let it flow…I like to listen to this song when I’m chilling after a smashing day out. Put it on when you get back from riding some killer waves, nailing a new trick on your board or simply having a great day with your homies… perfect ending to a perfect day!

Wil je meer lezen over DJ Lean Rock ga dan naar de Braun cruZer website