20-07-2016 - Kitesurfen, Nieuws

F-One Breeze 2017

F-One Breeze 2017: een nieuwe telg van de F-One familie. De Breeze is een gloednieuwe single strut lightwind kite ,die naast de Bandit en Diablo zal komen te liggen bij de dealers van F-One. Hiermee speelt F-One handig in op de hydrofoil hype! 

De ontwerpers van het merk hebben dan ook de know-how toegepast om een kite te ontwikkelen, die speciaal uitgerust is voor foiling en light wind sessies op het water. Hieronder kun je alvast een aantal highlights van de F-One Breeze 2017 terug vinden. Je kunt deze nieuwe kite hier trouwens ook even in 3D bekijken, voor een goede impressie van het nieuwe model. Voor meer informatie kun je de website van F-One checken!

De F-One Breeze in het kort:

  • One strut: ultimate light weight to fly in less than 10 kts
  • Easier to get on the plane thanks to its power, lightweight and maneuverability
  • Impressive range of use and surprising comfort in the high range
  • Super user friendly thanks to its stability
  • Efficient re-launch abilities, even in the light wind
  • Great maneuverability for intuitive transitions and a quicker learning process


We have decided to save some weight by getting rid of the struts. The BREEZE is therefore a single strut kite. Aspect ratio is reduced to make the kite more stable and limit both acceleration and speed. Its profile is completely new as it needs to deliver both power and control. Depower ability is amazing for a light wind kite. It takes our designer’s knowledge to achieve some depower without altering the profile.

The wingtips are wide which helps with maneuverability, transitions and allows for backward relaunch. We have optimized the reinforcement patches to save as much weight as possible and facilitate light wind re-launch. The kite is compatible with BANDIT kite bars.

The bridle is new as well with 4 fixing points and 3 pulleys per side. The BREEZE is available in sizes of 11m² – 13m² – 15m²


– Foil riding :

The BREEZE feels amazingly reassuring thanks to its great stability in a straight line but also during all kinds of maneuvers. When riding, the kite seems to reach its maximum speed quite early on and then stops accelerating. This is a real bonus in terms of comfort when one knows the high degree of focus required to control a foil.

It offers an impressive feeling of control and feels very progressive leading to more confidence when riding. It’s maneuverability lets you place this kite perfectly during maneuvers making progress much easier and faster. We have chosen the bar pressure to be more firm which lets you take support from it and achieve better balance. Re-launch is made super easy thanks to its light weight and backward re-launch ability, to get out of sometimes tricky situations in light winds.

-Other disciplines:

All the qualities highlighted above make it a great learning kite with a twin-tip. The kite feels very gentle and its constant traction is reassuring. For surfing, the light weight and maneuverability of this kite make it really efficient for wave riding.