03-05-2012 - Kitesurfen, Nieuws

Good Vibes in Hawai!

Check nu de meest recente video clip van Mallory op en rondom zijn nieuwe home spot in Hawaii. De video bevat goede actie op een van de mooiste eilanden ter wereld!

Mallory aan het woord; After living in Oahu for about 4 months I can definitely say I love the life I’m having here. Plenty of kiting and surfing all the time and I don’t have to think about how the conditions will be the next days because there is always something good coming in…
However it’s funny how when you need these good conditions they kind of never appear, or there is always something going wrong. James Boulding came to visit for a week so we could try to score some good riding around the island, but the weather really played with us and we struggled to find the good spots on the right time. We drove for hours around the island in search of perfect conditions that we never really found. We then decided to fly to Maui where I met up with my team mate Tuva Jansen, and we were finally lucky with a nice session at kitebeach. Sam Light and Rick Jensen were also on the water and it was far more motivating to ride with some kite mates around, since no one really freestyles in Oahu.
James could do a nice edit of the week and big thanks to Takoon for making this little video possible!

[vimeo id=”41412020″]