20-04-2011 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Interview met Lach & Pressler

Met minder dan een maand gaan de lokale surfwinkels hun rekken weer vullen, de ijssalons schaffen extra vriezers aan en de wind- en kitesurf industrie poetsen hun 2011 materiaal voor een presentatie aan het meer. Het hele dorp in Oostenrijk bereid zich voor op deze enorme onderneming, wat plaats zal vinden in de eerste twee weekenden van mei; het Surf Worldcup Podersdorf.

EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) interviewt Mario Lach, directeur KGP sport evenementen, en Chris Pressler, de stichter van Continentseven en tevens een Podersdorf local, en praten over de Worldcup Podersdorf, de attracties en de spot.

EFPT: Hi Mario, can you give us an overview about this year´s event? What is the programme like for the days and the nights?

Mario: This year’s event will be amazing. During the 10 days the sports program is:
PWA Windsurf Freestyle Contest from 29th April to 4th of May
Surf Magazine Tow-In Night Contest on 30th April
The Kiteboarding Freestyle Classics from 5th to 8th April
And the Stand Up Paddle Night Race on 7th April
And, for sure, don’t forget the Party at the beach of Podersdorf
The Bacardi Partyweek from 29th April to 8th May
The Zipfer Seaside Festival on 6th and 7th May

EFPT: What´s your personal highlight, anything you are looking forward to in particular?

Mario: The Surf Magazine Tow-In Night Contest definitely! I saw a tow-in night session at the first time in Sylt and it was sick! A big show, speed, power and lots of high quality tricks will be guaranteed for the crowd in Podersdorf!

EFPT: Chris, you live in a small town next to Podersdorf and call the Neusiedler See your home-spot. There were already some warm and windy days this year. How is it like to sail on Neusiedler See?

Chris: It´s very special! You sail on sweet muddy water, which feels a bit slower due to the fact it contains mud. When the wind is up a lot of this mud comes up from the shallow ground. Additionally it´s very choppy. Stronger the wind more chop you get, what also means a freestyler can find short steep ramps to get the airtime for the latest tricks like Konos or Culos or to rotate into a nice Forward.

EFPT: After a good session on the water, what´s your favourite place to hang in Podersdorf?

Chris: I often hang out next to the water and enjoy the great sunset. But would recommend the Podo to meet other Windsurfers, get a great Schnitzel in the Pannonia and order the best Somloer Nockerl at the Seewirt.

EFPT: Both of you are going to work during the Event. Will their be time to party? Where can we meet you?

Mario: YES there will be absolutely time to party! After a day with hard work it is nice to meet some friends and have a party. The most famous place is the royal captains bar where you can meet me and all the sailors.

Chris: Yeaah, definitely! There will be a lot of time for social activities while the day and while the night. I will be at the Continentseven tent or at beach filming, getting the latest news and statements or on the water with a SUP or my latest Slalom kit to get some adrenaline. And for sure the Continentseven Crew will convince me to join some parties, hahaha!!

EFPT: On whom would you bet your money for the Tow-In event?

Mario: I will bet on the underdog and local Max Matissek and hope that he has chances to win this event!

Chris: It depends a bit, if all the top PWA guys will participate. If yes, I would bet on Gollito. My second choice is Steven van Broeckhoven. But could imagine that Max Matissek as a local or some less known names will battle for the podium. I am already excited, who will register for the Surf Magazine Tow-In Night Contest!

EFPT: Thank you for the interview. See you in Podersdorf!

Foto credits Kerstin Reiger, PWA/John Carter