28-10-2010 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Jaarverslag van Maarten van Ochten


2010 Year overview:
I just came back from a highly interested marketing meeting in Munich last week.
The weekend before I had National championships at the Grevelingerdam (one of my homespots where I learned windsurfing). The weather started of really warm and later in the afternoon there was quit some wind predicted from the East/ North East. After long waiting for the expected wind, the wind eventually didn’t pick up. So no results for this event and most likely the last competition after a successful Worldcup year!
After this event there might be one stand-by Dutch Championships for the discipline wave scheduled in Scheveningen (for Wordlcup location from the PWA). If all comes together I might participate in this event to.

PWA Worldcup Competition:
This year we’ve head 4 PWA competitions started of in April in Podersdorf, Austria. My preparation for the 3rd year on the PWA Worldcup tour was quit different then other years. After having a big injury in 2009 during the Worldcup in Lanzarote, I could slowly started windsurfing by the end of October. In between I’ve had to face 4 months of recovering, which field forever.
When I received my new gear and temperatures where already getting cold in Holland, I was more then ever stoked to boost my level a lot. The sometimes cold weather until December didn’t harm and windsurfing was so much fun while others where complaining about the cold.
My next stop this year was in the Caribbean where I arrived the first of January. The first one half month in Aruba was absolutely great everyday really strong wind good for 4,9. Then my next stop was Bonaire where I almost stayed for a month, here again great wind for the first week. Then for two half weeks no wind and really weird wheater the kind of wheater which only occurs during the months of October until December, combined with lot’s of rain and no wind.

Shortly after my departure from Bonaire I flew straight of to Holland where, I had a short pit-stop for 12 hours before driving to Podersdorf, Austria. This huge event started of good for me. I ended up being on 5th position which was a great start for the season.
After the competition I went back to Holland and disastrous no wind for a couple of weeks again. Just one week before my advanced departure to Lanzarote in decided heading to the North of Denmark. Denmark was in one word GREAT, everyday wind and really good spots for windsurfing in wavy conditions or just on choppy water on the local lakes.

Lanzarote; when I arrived I was quit amazed because by the flat water conditions, in comparison to previous year (3-5m waves ), the same conditions happened during the competition. Which was quit a surprise for everybody in this competition, I managed to reach the top 10 again ending up on the 9th position.
At the same time in the overall ranking I kept being 5th overall!

Fuerteventura: this location is always challenging, it’s windy pretty much everyday for 4,5m2 and smaller mostly combined wind choppy/ flat and sometimes wavy water. Before the competition I was hit by the flue, which was already popular thing to have in the hotel I was staying in Lanzarote. After being out of the water for almost 9 days and using a lot’s of strong medicines. I was by far then prepared for this competition, my body was stiff from the high fever I’ve head and I field really weak. But never the less I was still motivated competing for a high score on this event. After sailing the first and second day a good performance things went wrong on the third day. The fourth day I found myself chrasing really hard during the first heat. My overall score was horrible and I was quit upset about my ranking.

Sylt: before going to Sylt I had the opportunity training in Egypt, Dahab. Dahab is unbelievably great. Providing winds everyday. Also the water conditions where great flat, choppy and even on the outer reef little wavy and big ocean swell. This location ‘Kamikaza’ is quit similar to the sometimes hard conditions in Sylt, Germany. Having sailed a lot I field quit prepared for Sylt and was ready to fight my way back in the top 10.
During the competition the wind was really light and I was sailing on my biggest sail a 5.7 Firefly 2011 and my JP Australia Pro 107. Having a few good heats I managed to end up in 9th position. My last heat field great for this year, my really strong opponent Taty Frans NB 9, 2010 Vice World champion. This heat was so close end it just kept me away for advancing another round going for 5th position. This gave me again a good feeling what would be more possible in the near future.

This year was a tough start but I was more motivated then ever and my main goal was top 10 overall in the Worldcup. At the same time I was aware this goal was definitely possible but still I had to face really tough seeding after competing in just one event last year. This resulted in a really low overall ranking in 2009.
Right now the level in Freestyle is extremely high and it’s really challenging putting it all together in the heat of the moment.
After being 5th overall in the world after two Worldcup event it field surreal, great and hungry for more! Then having quit upset moment in one event where I couldn’t perform my best dropping a lot on the overall ranking (14th overall).
Fighting my way back in the Final big PWA Worldcup in Sylt securing 9th place overall in the World!
Which also includes being first Dutch rider in Freestyle and best performing Dutchmen in the Worldcup overall! I reached my target and it’s a satisfying feeling that I have been proven and I know, there’s more possible in the near future!

Special thanks to all my sponsors, family and friends who believe in me and support me since the start of proffesional career!


Maarten van Ochten H 73!