31-01-2011 - Surfen, Nieuws

John Florence winnaar Volcom Pipe Pro

John Florence, Jamie O’Brien, Chris Ward en Aamion Goodwin waren de finalisten van de Volcom Pipe Pro. Er blinkte slechts een deelnemer uit die meer in het ritme van surfen was dan wie dan ook. Congratulations John Florence!

Zie hieronder de video van de highlights.

[youtube id=”IgcJ5c7-ifk” w=”630″ h=”384″]

There’s an organized chaos consuming the Volcom House on a Thursday afternoon. On the final day of the Volcom Pipe Pro, in a dimly lit den that overlooks a sea of 6-foot perfection, ethernet cables of every color snake through the floors and into laptops. Men dressed in camo T-shirts and trunks pace back and forth, barking orders to update the webcast and prep for the next interview. It has the feel of an old newsroom close to press time and bears absolutely no resemblance to the Volcom House you have undoubtedly heard stories of in the past.

In the opening barrage of the final, Florence casually dips into an 8-point tuberide and then nonchalantly racks up a blistering 9. Jamie, who’s been fighting off a horrific cold, counters with his own vanishing act and drops a mid-range 8. You literally can not look up without seeing someone deftly shacked. The clock is ticking down with Florence still holding the lead. The ocean slows its cadence for the first time all afternoon and the final horn blows. John Florence wins the Volcom Pipe Pro. This kid can’t be stopped.

Zie hieronder de foto’s van de highlights.

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