09-12-2013 - Kitesurfen, Nieuws

Kampioenen gekroond na Kitesurf World Cup Argentinië

Het was een spectaculaire slotdag van de Kitesurf World Cup Argentinië, mede door de uitstekende omstandigheden. Deze wedstrijd was bovendien voor alle deelnemers de ultieme mogelijkheid om hun positie in het algemeen klassement te verbeteren. Daarnaast werden de wereldkampioenen van 2013 gekroond na afloop van de laatste heats. Het volledige verslag van de PKRA is overigens hieronder in het Engels terug te lezen voor iedereen die niks willen missen! Natuurlijk kan je ook terecht op de website van de PKRA voor nog veel meer informatie over alle afgelopen events.


The competition got underway beneath cloudy skies and building, yet gusty wind. Ladies were the first to hit the water with the early rounds bringing no surprises with Van Westerop, Jungo, and Pulido advancing.

Taking the stage next was the men’s round two heats, which provided exciting action as the winds suddenly increased dramatically, blowing streaks of sand across the water and sending riders scrambling to secure their kites.

Most notable from this round were the upsets that happened in some of the strongest winds of the event. 15 year old Brazilian tour rookie, Carlos Mario, stopped tour veteran Reno Romeu with his varied technical fluidity that he would demonstrate throughout the remainder of the day.

Neto and Whaley also battled for the chance to move on, and although Whaley landed a nice Back Mobe 5 and Front Blind Mobe, among others, it just wasn’t enough against Neto’s Crow Mobe 5, SMobe 5, and high scoring Slim 7.  Borisov managed to oust Alberto Rondina in a close heat, which saw solid riding from both riders.

As the fleet of men advanced to the quarter-finals, winds backed off and began to steady with riders using kites in the 11-13m range. With very close heats and impressive riding from all of the riders, it was the more decorated tour veterans taking the wins as Tack, Hadlow, and Pastor advanced.  The exception was again Carlos Mario, who beat out Marc Jacobs in a impressive battle.

The talented rookie Mario continued his climb up the ladder, meeting Tack in the semi-finals. A trick for trick battle early on in the heat ensued and Tack landed a nice S-Mobe 7 as Mario answered back with a BJ7. Big tricks unfolded throughout the heat from both riders. In an extremely close heat, Mario moved on to the winner’s final against current tour leader, Alex Pastor.

In the women’s division, it was Novotna who took third over Jungo in the losers finals, while Annabel Van Westerop met Gisela Pulido in the finals. With Van Westerop’s consistency and ever-expanding arsenal of tricks, she was able to keep the pressure on the entire heat but finally fell as Pulido’s power and execution led to a first place.

The battle for the men’s podium spot came to a crescendo during a heat that would leave the riders and spectators on the beach wondering who would take top honors of this inaugural event.  Mario’s arsenal of well-executed technical tricks such as a Hinterberger 5 and 319 pushed him just in front of Pastor, advancing him over the 2-time vice world champion – and soon to crowned 2013 world champion by 1.78 points. Onlookers remained captivated during this final, between the world champion and a young Brazilian sensation. It was captivating to say the least. In the losers final, it would be Tack securing the third place position over five-time world champion Aaron Hadlow.

Following the incredible action of the day, the riders, media, and fans gathered at a beautiful Argentinian Villa for an awards ceremony to celebrate. Here, the champions of the Kitesurf World Cup Argentina were announced and the winners of the 2013 world titles were crowned.

Never, in the 13 years of the PKRA, has a competitor won top podium placement in their first ever PKRA event. It is riders like Mario and the World Champions of years past, present, and future, that inspire us to look forward to new challenges and adventures to come.

The PKRA would like to congratulate the winners of the Kitesurf World Cup Argentina and the newly crowned 2013 World Champions – Alex Pastor, Gisela Pulido, Brian Lake, and Christine Boenniger.

Uitslagen: 2013 Kitesurf World Cup Argentina

Freestyle Men

1st – Carlos Mario

2nd – Alex Pastor

3rd – Christophe Tack
Freestyle Women

1st – Gisela Pulido

2nd -Annabel Van Westerop

3rd – Paula Novotna

Slalom Men

1st – Brian Lake

2nd – Victor Adamo

3rd – Maunel Abeleyra

Slalom Women

1st – Merve Ceylan

2nd – Paula Novotna

3rd – Jana Pipkin

2013 World Champions 

Freestyle Men – Alex Pastor

Freestyle Women – Gisela Pulido

Slalom Men – Brian Lake

Slalom Women – Christine Boenniger