23-05-2012 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Keep windsurfing as Olympic Discipline!

Justin Denel, een van de jonge wave talenten uit Frankrijk heeft de wereldtitel ( 2011 )  bij de jeugd gewonnen in de golven van Peru en heeft verschillende windsurfers op de Defi wind event geïnformeerd naar hun mening over de Olympische situatie.

The ISAF recently announced that Windsurfing will not be a discipline in 2016 at Rio, Brazil anymore. The RS:X windsurfing class should be replaced by a Kitesurfing class from 2016 on. Watch the following clip and get some opinions of big names in the windsurfing sport like Anders Bringdal.

Björn Dunkerbeck recently released following statement about the current development: “Windsurfing has been an Olympic Discipline since 1984. 10.000 of windsurfers have been sailing this class over the years. I don’t see any reason the KITING has to take Windsurfing´s place. Windsurfing is sailing and kiting is not even sailing, it´s Kiting !!! Best of luck keeping windsurfing in the Olympics!” (Björn Dunkerbeck while the PWA World Cup 2012 in South Korea)

Teken nu; change.org/petitions/isaf-keep-windsurfing-as-olympic-discipline

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