08-05-2014 - Mountainbiken, Nieuws

Marcelo Guiterrez tijdens MTB World Cup Australië

Eerder deelden we nog deze video met Marcelo Gutierrez in de hoofdrol, inmiddels is er weer een spectaculaire video verschenen waarin we een intense downhill race vanuit zijn perspectief kunnen bekijken.

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Downhill rider Marcelo Gutierrez called the recent UCI MTB World Cup in Cairns, Australia, ‘one of the hardest races I’ve ever had.’ And for good reason: conditions on the new course were really, really difficult. For starters, it rained for two days straight and exposed roots all over the course. Next, the mud was deep, really deep. It was also very humid so visibility was bad. Finally, the course itself was just plain difficult and included a couple of huge jumps and one of the gnarliest rock gardens ever. Check out the footage from Marcelo’s helmet cam to see just how nasty things were. Mud Fest! Marcelo Gutierrez’s POV from one of the Hardest MTB World Cup Runs Ever