06-10-2011 - Surfen, Nieuws

Mick Fanning en Owen Wright laten zien hoe het moet in de Wave Garden

Een paar dagen voordat de Quiksilver Pro France 2011 van start ging waren de meeste surfers al in Frankrijk. En wegens het gebrek aan golven besloten Owen Wright en Mick Fanning zich voor te bereiden in de “Wave Garden”.

“It was the funniest day, was all time! I broke Rick Kane’s record from the movie North Shore where I dominated the Wave Pool….ha ha ha. It was really hard at the start to surf the wave and to figure out where to paddle. It definitely had plenty of power which surprised me, was so fun! This is something that will really take off, with all the technology of today we will see these types of wave pools in places like Las Vegas or in the middle of Australia where kids and adults get the opportunity to learn to surf where they might not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise. It’s the future.” Aldus een super enthousiaste Mick Fanning na zijn sessie.

Owen Wright na zijn sessie vertelt: “We drove into the middle of nowhere and arrived there and discovered a massive pond. You paddle out and its flat and all of a sudden this wave starts. I couldn’t figure it out where to take off at the start but it was the best looking left I’ve ever seen. Mick and I had a re-match after Trestles and he took me down! He did like 800 turns on a wave and I managed to do just one. But I reckon I got him on the dismounts at the end, you have to jump off really quick or you will end up in the horse paddock next door.”

Check de video:

[vimeo id=”29987296″ w=”615″]