06-06-2012 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Neilpryde Wizard 2013

Steven Van Broeckhoven en NeilPryde hebben samen een nieuwe freestyle zeil ontwikkeld genaamd ” De Wizard “. Neilpryde: “The Wizard provides more power, more pop and more air during maneuvers. It planes early, has a lot of drive and is easy to handle. You lead and it will follow.”

Optuig tips

“Rigging the Wizard correctly is really important. It’s a pure freestyle sail so it does not need as much downhaul as a wave sail. I rig it so that the leech is loose between the two top battens. This way you keep the profile and power in the sail which is needed for new-school tricks.”

Steven van Broeckhoven

“It’s important that you pull enough outhaul so that the sail doesn’t touch the boom too much while sailing. If the batten above the boom is halfway behind the mast then you know the sail is rigged perfect.”

Bryan Perez

Hieronder het nieuwe promotie filmpje over de NP Wizard gemaakt op Maui.

[youtube id=”vkOj8i8ut00″]