09-04-2013 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

North komt met de nieuwe WARP F2013 Formula

North komt met een verbeterde versie van de WARP namelijk de WARP F2013. Lees hier alle info over de nieuwe formula.

For 2013 the whole concept of the WARP F2013 Formula sizes has been reworked. The sails now come with 8 battens! Basically the complete luff- panel design and profile distribution concept has been optimized to meet the high standards of todays’ formula racing.

In developing the 2013 Formula sails, North paid particular attention to order competitor sails, using them as a benchmark.” states NorthSails Head Tester Peter Slate.
By reducing the overall luff curve and further reducing the luff curve in the boom area, better pointing ability, better stability, and better upwind acceleration could be achieved. By reducing the luff curve in the boom area, and keeping it the same in the head area, they were able to effectively support the head area which helps both up and down wind, especially when the wind is really light.

After countless days of testing and a considerable number of prototypes tested, “finally the prototype of the 12sqm outperformed their best benchmark sails,” says ex formula racer and NorthSails tester Dan Ellis. “We decided, as the 11sqm is meant to perform in stronger wind than the 12sqm we would increase the the twist in the head area, as well as the negative shaping in the middle of the sail.”

From this point the 10sqm was created and results were amazing again according to North. Sail designer Kai Hopf brings it to the point: “In conclusion, we are confident that our 2013 Formula sails will be the most competitive Formula sails we’ve ever made, and we look forward to seeing our racers compete with them.”

Key features
01 Better pointing ability, better stability, and better upwind acceleration could be achieved through reducing the overall luff curve and further reducing the luff curve in the boom area.

02 8 Batten design improves stability.

03 Size specific flexibility individually adjusted flexibility for each size to perfectly match the conditions and different rider weights.

04 Pronounced profile depth for advanced camber-rotation, deeper profile and more punch when accelerating, without compromising the handling!

05 Moderate cutaway clew reduced “blow-out”effect for increased power and direct acceleration.

06 Instant rotation much faster acceleration after shifting through hyper cams and modified batten profiles.

07 Continued weight reduction due to minimalized mini protector and super light irocket batten tensioners.

08 Independent shaping concept improves rotation, control and acceleration

09 Twin trim clew allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use

Meer info: www.north-windsurf.com