Cabrinha Contra 2019

De Cabrinha Contra is perfect voor elke rijder die zijn sessies wil uitbreiden met een responsieve, lichte kite.


Maat Prijs Windrange (kn)
13 m2 € 1649,- 9-15
15 m2 € 1799,- 8-14
17 m2 € 1899,- 7-12
19 m2 € 1999,- 6-11


€ 1.649,00


Hoofdkleuren Blauw, Grijs
Jaar 2019
Merk Cabrinha
Productsoort Kites
Struts 3
Doek 2DR Double Ripstop
Ventiel Bajonet
Afstelopties op wingtip 2
Katrollen in Bridle 2
Bumpers Ja
Materiaal leading edge High Tenacity Dacron
Advies prijs € 1.649,00
Meer specificaties


€ 1.649,00

Wat zegt het merk?

The Contra is perfect for any rider that wants to extend their game into the lightwind arena with a responsive, lightwind kite.

Light wind used to be considered the archenemy of kiteboarding. That was until Cabrinha introduced the Contra light wind kite with its unmatched efficiency and performance combination. Every riding style and discipline now has a kite to bridge your riding into the light wind arena.

The Contra’s light weight 3-strut hybrid design performs incredible things in what used to be known as the unrideable realm. A true light wind performer in any and all riding categories.

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