Duotone Ventis 2024

De Duotone Ventis is ontworpen voor de dagen met slechts een zuchtje wind, dit jaar met een betere balans en up-wind prestaties. Door de drie struts kunnen ze de aspect ratio laag houden waardoor de wing niet zo groot aanvoelt. Een session-saver tijdens de mooie zomerdagen?

Windrange (knts)
Wingspan (cm)



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Expert review

Wij hebben de Duotone Ventis uit 2023 getest, de uitgebreide expert review vind je hier.


Merk Duotone
Productsoort Wing
Model Ventis
Versie 2024
Beschikbare kleuren Blauw, Geel
Beschikbare maten 7, 8
Categorie Style Freeride, Lightwind
Materiaal Doek 50g ripstop
Materiaal LE Dacron
Handles Hard
Aantal handles 2
Windows Ja
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Wat zegt het merk?

The innovative 3-strut design and unique wing tips deliver maximum lift, power and efficiency, allowing you to get up on the foil effortlessly without intense pumping. Designer Ken Winner has brought the side struts more inwards on the new Ventis, creating a rigid frame and reducing swing weight and reduced the size of the wing tips. This makes even the larger 7m2 and 8m2 Ventis sizes manageable for all riders, regardless of size or experience.

The Ventis incorporates a lightweight 50g ripstop canopy for efficient performance in marginal conditions. Focused on lift and stability, the side struts maintain consistent profile depth and canopy tension for smooth, stable power delivery. Its refined profile shape and tip twist not only improves the low end, it also enhances upwind performance and ensures a smoother ride through gusts. The ergonomic center strut design with extended Carbon front handle allows one-handed riding and provides a comfortable position for your hands, reducing fatigue for longer, more enjoyable sessions. The Ventis turns light wind conditions into a playground for progression.

Direct Power
Improved direct power for earliest flight in light winds

No Pumping
No advanced pumping technique required

Upwind performance
Improved upwind performance

Stable Draft
Stable draft position and smooth gust response

Tip reduction
Effective tip reduction for easy starts and minimized tip drag

Ergonomic Handling
The center strut profile facilitates a more relaxed arm positioning and results in a comfortable and ergonomic handling.


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