Duotone Ventis D/LAB 2023

De Duotone Ventis is ontworpen voor maximale performance bij lichte wind en biedt een ongeëve-naarde lift en maximale power. Het compacte frame maakt starten eenvoudig en vermindert de weer-stand, twee extra struts geven de wing een optimaal profiel. Voorzien van verlengde carbon front handle voor extra vaargemak. Verkrijgbaar in 7,0 en 8,0 m2, in standaarduitvoering en deze ultralichte en stijve D/LAB.

Windrange (knts)
Gewicht (kg)



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Merk Duotone
Productsoort Wing
Model Ventis D/LAB
Versie 2023
Beschikbare kleuren Geel
Beschikbare maten 7, 8
Categorie Style Freeride, Lightwind
Materiaal Doek 50g ripstop
Materiaal LE Aluula
Handles Hard
Aantal handles 2
Windows Ja
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Wat zegt het merk?

Introducing the latest innovation in light wind Wing Foiling – the Ventis D/LAB ensures you are first out on the water. This new 3 strut design provides the ultimate in lift and power in light wind conditions. Premium Aluula material is used throughout the leading edge and struts. In combination with the sleek 3-strut design, this material provides a lightweight, rigid frame that offers unmatched performance in light wind conditions. The Ventis D/LAB delivers light, responsive and impressive lift that pulls you up and onto the foil without the need for excessive pumping. The rigid and responsive 3-strut Aluula frame, has allowed designer Ken Winner to reduce the wing tips, to minimize catching or dragging a wing tip, resulting in 7 and 8 meter wings that are user friendly and accessible even for smaller riders and those with less experience. The additional two struts have enhanced the performance and created a highly efficient canopy profile all the way to the tips, increasing lift and power throughout the entire surface area of the wing, with optimal canopy tension, flying stability, and de-power. Efficiency and performance in the lightest of winds are the driving forces behind the Ventis D/LAB, which is why we have coupled the Aluula leading edge and struts with our lightweight 50g ripstop canopy, with a focus on thread orientation in each panel to keep the large canopy area as light as possible while delivering the best response and performance. The Ventis D/LAB is equipped with a longer carbon front handle for effortless handling when riding one-handed. The center strut profile works in unison with the ergonomics of the handles, resulting in a more comfortable angle for your hands and a straighter back arm, for longer, more comfortable sessions on the water. The Ventis D/LAB offers the pinnacle of light wind wing performance, with unmatched weight, responsiveness, lift and power resulting in an experience that will totally transform your light wind sessions.

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