F-One Swing 2024

De F-One Swing was een van de eerste wings op de markt. Dit is de 4e versie van de F-One Swing. Dit jaar uitgerust met een systeem waarbij je kan switchen tussen harde, zachte en een lange handle. De F-One Swing 2024 kenmerkt zich door zijn balans en stabiliteit en is daarom zeer geliefd onder wavefoilers. Verder zijn is de wing dit jaar opgebouwd met  HITEX, NANO en HT80 voor een verbeterde stevigheid.

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Merk F-One
Productsoort Wing
Model Swing 2024
Versie 2024
Beschikbare kleuren Blauw, Grijs
Beschikbare maten 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5
Categorie Style Freeride, Wave
Materiaal Doek Double Ripstop
Materiaal LE Dacron
Handles Hard / zacht (verwisselbaar)
Aantal handles 2
Windows Nee
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Wat zegt het merk?

The fourth version of our SWING benefits from a refined design and inherits all the evolutions of the new, and fourth edition as well, of the STRIKE. With its refined design, the fourth version of our SWING offers first-rate sensations while providing controlled speed to keep the foil under control no matter the conditions. This wing positions itself perfectly in our range between the new ORIGIN and the STRIKE.

Thanks to our Sail Engineering work, the new SWING offers an excellent planing start with an easy pumping thanks to its natural flexibility. This will allow every rider, regardless of their level, to use a smaller surface area for even more maneuverability.

The SWING continues to benefit from a compact design and a reduced wingspan, making it exceptionally easy to maneuver and surf. Your hand placement will be optimal as well, and never too high, throughout the session.

The SWING is always ready to glide into the slightest wave while remaining light and stable in freefly. It holds perfectly in the air in a neutral position when turning in the waves and flies itself flawlessly, leaving you free to use the power of the wave with little resistance. It also generates power immediately, and this instant power can turn out to be crucial when kicking out of a wave or waterstarting to safely get out of the impact zone when needed.

Offering efficient upwind riding, this fourth edition of the SWING allows you to enjoy long and effortless downwinders.

The SWING is more intuitive and comfortable than ever before, and remains super stable, light, and balanced, all while maintaining a certain smoothness in its traction. This fourth version is the ideal compromise, offering performance in total control and a certain flexibility. It also provides an excellent balance throughout the entire wind range. Beginners and experienced riders alike will enjoy its gentle feel and ease-of-use.


Our fourth edition of the SWING benefits from all the design improvements of the latest STRIKE.

The central strut is now completely straight, which allows us to better control its deformation and possible twisting, while reducing drag. As a result, the infill is a bit lower and deforms less, and we’ve extended it almost all the way to the back. Our innovative Load Diffuser is reduced for weight gain, especially during freefly.

The SWING’s leading edge brings a certain amount of flexibility, but does not penalize control in the high end. The accurate panel layout, precise load management and staggered seams continue to bring exceptional control of the profile in the entire wind range.

The use of HITEX on the inflatable structure, as well as NANO and HT80 on the canopy offer great resistance to elongation and therefore greater durability and performances. These materials are also perfectly distributed to account for the different tensions, high pressures, and weight distribution in each specific area in order to make the SWING an astonishing surf and downwind wing.

Small radial cuts are implemented on the wingtips and on the back of the strut to spread tensions. Aligning the fibre exactly along the load paths means that stretch can be controlled to a never-before-seen level on a wing. Located on the back of the strut, our Load Diffuser made of overlapping panels of hard Mylar and Dacron further helps maintaining the profile sleek and efficient, leading to the ultimate stability, performances, and longevity.


The SWING is fitted with our new interchangeable handle system: soft, hybrid or even rigid, the choice is yours. Wings come with soft handles pre-installed, but it is now possible for riders to customize handles at their preference.

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