Harlem Pace

De Harlem Pace is de nieuwe wing in de ''Game Changer line-up''. Na de kite (Harlem Force) zonder gestikte naden maar met gelaste naden uit de Europese Brainchild fabriek is er nu dus ook een wing! Ontwikkeld na jaren van onderzoek en testen door Ralf Grösel, maakt de ProWelding-techniek het mogelijk om panelen te lassen in plaats van te stikken, wat zorgt voor een aanzienlijke gewichtsvermindering van het frame, terwijl de sterkte en stabiliteit toenemen. Volgens Harlem is de Harlem Pace door zijn profiel en harde handles een perfecte allrounder.

Elke Harlem Pace wordt geleverd met een paar ultralichte carbonhandgrepen. Geproduceerd in de Brainchild Production-faciliteit, dit maakr Pace de eerste duurzame wing die in het hart van Europa is gemaakt.

Windrange (knts)
Gewicht (kg)


Merk Harlem
Productsoort Wing
Model Pace
Versie 2024
Beschikbare kleuren Blauw, Rood
Beschikbare maten 3, 4, 5, 6
Categorie Style Freeride, Freestyle, Wave
Materiaal LE Dacron
Handles Hard
Aantal handles 2
Windows Nee
Meer specificaties

Wat zegt het merk?

Introducing the Game Changer lineup pioneering wing –  the Harlem Pace.  

A perfect all-rounder, the Pace is versatile and easy to ride wing, suitable for every level and riding style. Produced at the Brainchild Production facility, the Pace is the first sustainable wing crafted in the heart of Europe.

A real game changer; the Pace features two revolutionary construction methods – ProWeld leading edge technology and Single Seam Construction.

Developed after years of research and testing by Ralf Grösel, the ProWelding technique allows for welded panels, instead of stitched, providing a significant weight reduction to the airframe, while increasing its strength and stability. The result – effortless handling in all wind conditions.

Featuring a Dual Panel Canopy, the Pace utilises the innovative Single Seam Construction, providing extremely high canopy tension and rigidity. Combined with the sturdy STW 70 canopy material, the Pace achieves the perfect strength to weight balance, providing great power delivery, increased pumping response, and enhanced overall durability to the wing.

The innovative construction of the Harlem Pace features no floating strut, creating true aerodynamic perfection with improved flying performance, while allowing for better window visibility giving you a safer ride.

Due to its sharp profile, the Pace offers exceptional upwind performance. At the same time, the extreme light construction of the wing enhances its downwind capabilities, making riding the perfect waves possible even in the lightest breeze. The Pace delivers smooth and effortless maneuvers, and long lofty jumps, making it a perfect choice for every rider, regardless if you are cruising around Lake Garda, or catching waves in Mauritius.  

Every Pace comes complete with a pair of ultra-light Carbon handles.  

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