Ozone Enduro V4

De Ozone Enduro V4 is de allround freeride kite van Ozone, ontworpen voor intermediate tot ervaren riders. De V4 versie van de Ozone Enduro heeft een compleet nieuw ontwerp. De Leading edge heeft een constant curve in plaats van in een hoek geplaatste segmenten om de kite rond te krijgen. dit zorgt voor minder weerstand en een soepelere kite door het windvenster. De kite is eigenlijk geschikt voor bijna alle soorten diciplines. Dit komt mede door het ontwerp en door de bridle die op verschillende manieren is in te stellen. Kies je voor foilen? Een wave sessie? Of ga je toch liever voor kiteloops? Voor de twijfelaar maakt de Ozone Enduro het makkelijk, hij doet het namelijk allemaal!
Maat (m2) Windrange (knts) Gewicht (kg) Prijs
4 26-34 1.7 €1.279.-
5 24-32 1.9 €1.329.-
6 22-30 2.1 €1.379.-
7 20-29 2.3 €1.499.-
8 18-28 2.5 €1.599.-
9 17-27 2.6 €1.699.-
10 16-26 2.8 €1.749.-
11 15-25 2.9 €1.799.-
12 14-23 3.2 €1.849.-
14 13-21 3.5 €1.979.-


Hoofdkleuren Blauw, Rood, Oranje
Jaar 2023
Merk Ozone
Productsoort Kites
Struts 3
Doek Double ripstop
Ventiel Boston ventiel
Afstelopties op wingtip 3
Afstelopties op leading edge 3
Katrollen in Bridle Nee
Materiaal leading edge Dacron
Meer specificaties

Wat zegt het merk?

The Enduro V4 has undergone a complete re-design using our latest construction technology and design software features. Keeping true to its purpose as an incredibly versatile performance kite the fourth version of this all time favourite takes performance and feeling to the next level.


Do It All – Any Style, Any Conditions

  • The ultimate do-it-all inflatable kite – any style, any conditions
  • Freeride, Wave/Foil, and Freestyle settings
  • Versatile Curved Open-C shape
  • Performance kite for intermediate to advanced riders

Having been long recognised as one of the best all-round kites on the market for any style and any conditions, it was an exciting challenge for our design team to take on a re-design of the Enduro.

Continuous Curve

Utilising our new Continuous Curve Leading Edge construction, each segment is now curved to form a perfect smooth arc from tip to tip as opposed to straight segments with angled joints.

Transverse Sail Shaping

Transverse Sail Shaping has been incorporated to perfectly match the new Continuous Curve Leading Edge – the additional panels attaching to the leading edge optimise canopy tension in this critical area of the profile section.

Increased Peformance

These latest design features reduce parasitic drag and create a cleaner surface at the most important area of the airfoil. The result is less turbulent airflow, which positively affects the lift to drag ratio. New thinner bridle line diameters reduce drag even further to increase overall performance.3


The Enduro V4 is incredibly smooth in the air with a large de-power range, an amazing bar feeling with progressive handling, boost for jumping and drift in the waves. Compared to previous models the canopy is noticeably tighter, working in harmony with the Continuous Curve Leading Edge offering more back line reaction throughout the bar throw.

In the Waves, the handling, de-power and drift opens up a world of opportunity. For strapless freestyle the progressive handling with smooth lift make spinning and air tricks easy to learn and land. The Enduro is not as dedicated to waves as the Reo, but it still delivers solid wave riding performance.

The Enduro makes freestyle progress fun and easy from your first hooked in moves, boosting airs, rotations and kite loops. For unhooked freestyle the Enduro delivers accessible performance making learning your first handle passes right up to technical moves a breeze.

For Freeriders the Enduro excels no matter what board you choose to ride. Whether on a twin tip, surfboard or foil board the smooth power delivery, refined predictable handling and excellent de-power allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

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