09-12-2013 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Prolimit presenteert Hydrogen wetsuits

Hybride technologie is inmiddels ook beschikbaar voor alle windsurfers, met het nieuwe Hydrogen LT Drysuit van Prolimit. Het merk heeft onlangs deze nieuwe collectie wetsuits gepresenteerd met onderstaande video, dit filmpje bevat alle relevante informatie over deze ‘hightech’ collectie. Daarnaast heeft Prolimit ons ook alle details toegestuurd, dit kan je natuurlijk hieronder terug lezen.

[vimeo id=”80804233″]


The Hydrogen LT Drysuit combines the dryness of a drysuit but the flexibility of a wetsuit. The suit is double lined neoprene which is then liquid FTM taped on the legs and under your harness for comfort and flexibility.

The top of the suit is then a 4 layer breathable fabric which you can layer your thermals underneath to make for a warm snug suit. The advantage of the loose fit top is that you have freedom of movement and will not suffer from the forearm cramp associated with winter wetsuits.

The option to layer up underneath also means you can control how hot it is with maybe only a baselayer on an autumn day or perhaps a couple of fleeces during the chilliest winters day.

A soft T-Zip dryzipper across your shoulder keeps the water out whilst not affecting the flexibility of the suit. Neoprene cuff and neck seals are soft and won’t rub whilst being covered to protect them.