28-06-2013 - Surfen, Nieuws

Protest serie: Stories From Here To There’ is terug

Team riders Yannick de Jager en Oli Adams laten in vier afleveringen hun ultieme surftrip zien. Onontdekte spots en ongelofelijke landschappen nemen je mee naar de perfecte Cold Islands experience! Check hier de eerste twee afleveringen.

Remote areas
In the first chapter family man Oli Adams takes his Protest team mate Yannick de Jager to the northern cliffs of his home terrain, the United Kingdom. Together they cruise the countryside and experience the beautiful scenery to find what surfing is all about: the ultimate wave. The journey brings them to remote raw areas with rough chilly waters. Where they experience the numerous exciting spots out there. Many of which are new to them, and might even be new to anyone.
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Inaccessible cliffs
Both friends decide to camp near to some inaccessible cliffs and wait for the right swell to get in. For several days Oli and Yannick spend the whole 20 hours of daylight searching for the right waves. In the second chapter of ‘Stories From Here To There’ they wait for it to happen. Sit down, look around, enjoy the moment and surf waves, while no one else is out there. That’s what it’s all about.
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