31-10-2013 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

PWA Chili 2013 gaat niet door

Tijdens de PWA World Cup in Sylt waren er al geruchten en inmiddels zijn deze ook bevestigd. De PWA Chili 2013 gaat helaas niet door ondanks alle inspanningen van de organisatie. Het nieuws is vrij schokkend voor diverse windsurfers en meer informatie kan je terug lezen in een persbericht van de PWA.

This news is kind of a shocker for several riders, who did not travel to Maui and decided to go to Chile later, the Maui event would have been their discard. Now Maui is the final and the third event on tour with an result. So far Tenerife and Denmark saw results. Pozo was unlucky with the conditions and saw a super session only. At Sylt not even a single wave broke during the entire event period.

All current top ten ranked sailors, except Adam Lewis, are competing on Maui. Several of them still have the chance to win the title: Philip Köster, current tour leader, Alex Mussolini, Marcilio Browne, Victor Fernandez or Thomas Traversa. It all depends, how they will climb up in the ladder of the double elimination. And they need to climb up. If the result stays like this (result single elimination) Alex Mussolini would take the title in front of Marcilio Browne.

For all riders, who did not show up at Maui like Ben Proffit, Dany Bruch, Kenneth Danielsen, Phil Horrocks, Dario Ojeda, Martin Ten Hoeve – 9 0ut of the 10 riders ranked from 11th to 20th – it’s a bit of a disaster and it will mess up their overall ranking. They don’t get a third result in and will not be able to compete for a top 10 result overall. They will not lose too many places as there are only a few top 20 sailors at Maui: Klaas Voget, Flo Jung and Antoine Martin.