09-09-2013 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

PWA World Cup in Nederland

Afgelopen Zondag is de PWA World Cup in Nederland begonnen. Tijdens de openingsdag in Brouwersdam was er vooral sprake van zwakke wind en lag het evenement regelmatig stil. Deze pauzes gaven alle windsurfers dan ook de gelegenheid om zich optimaal voor te bereiden voor de komende week. Overigens is het weerbericht voor de rest van de week hoopgevend en zullen de weersomstandigheden verbeteren.

Tijdens de openingsheat wisten Anthony Ruenes, Nicolas Akgazciyan en Taty Frans hun plek in de finale veilig te stellen. De PWA World Cup is op de voet te volgen via de site, hier kan je ook terecht voor meer informatie over het evenement. Bovendien is het DAM7 Festival natuurlijk een unieke mogelijkheid om de bekende PWA-sterren live aan het werk te zien in Brouwersdam.

Anthony Ruenes, momenteel vijfde in het algemeen klassement, werd ook nog enkele vragen voorgelegd na afloop van zijn succesvolle race. Het volledige interview is hieronder terug te lezen. Daarnaast is er ook een videoverslag beschikbaar van de eerste dag. Deze is terug te vinden op de Facebook van Motion, waar je ook verder op de hoogte zal worden gehouden van het Dam Festival.

PWA artikeltje

PWA: What have you been up to since Fuerte? Have you been training anywhere?

AR: “I haven’t been sailing much actually as for the whole of August I was doing my internship for physiotherapy in hospital. So I’ve sailed a little bit, but there wasn’t much wind at home. I also sailed a competition in Gruissan, France, with all the Frenchies and that was pretty nice.

PWA: Have you ever sailed in Brouwersdam before?

AR: “Yeah, I sailed here last year before Sylt for the Dutch championships and that was pretty nice. Hopefully it’s going to be pretty windy and then we can have some really good conditions.”

PWA: Aims for the week?

AR: “I want to try and go for first place for sure. I’ll just try to do my best and have fun and then see what happens.”

PWA: Thanks Anthony and good luck for the rest of the week.

We also caught up with Arrianne Aukes (RRD / Simmer / Maui Ultra Fins) who is enjoying her best season so far in second place:

PWA: After competing in Fuerte and Tenerife, what have you been doing?

AA: “I’ve only been back in Holland for five days actually as I’ve been travelling through Europe with my camper van. I’ve had quite a bit of sailing in Tenerife and Portugal. I’ve done a bit of freestyle, waves and regular surfing, rather than just concentrating on freestyle, but it’s been really good.”

PWA: How did you find competing in waves for the first time?

AA: “It was fun, but I only want to do another wave event if I get some more practice as I only competed in Tenerife because I was there. If I get some good opportunities next year then it’s a possibility. I had fun and I think it is good to try both.”

PWA: In Fuerte you finished second, you must be feeling reasonably confident about the week ahead?

AA: “I was really happy with my result and now I’d like to try and defend my position. I really hope that we get good conditions, so we can put on a good performance for the crowd and Holland.”

PWA: Which move(s) are you training at the moment?

AA: “I’m trying burners, but I haven’t landed one yet, but I’m getting closer!”

PWA: Favorite move?

AA: “I think that it still has to be one-handed funnels.”

PWA: Thanks Arrianne and best of luck for the competition.