13-09-2013 - Snowboarden, Nieuws

Red Bull Ultra Natural geannuleerd

Red Bull heeft een vervelende mededeling. Red Bull Ultra Natural zal dit jaar niet doorgaan en dit is natuurlijk een tegenvaller voor iedereen die een voorliefde heeft voor sicke jumps, waanzinnige afdalingen en andere mooie plaatjes in de poedersneeuw.

Het Canadese event is een toernooi op een ongekende schaal, geheel ontwikkeld volgens de visie van Travis Rice. Het doel van dit event is om de grenzen tussen verschillende snowboard disciplines te doen verdwijnen. “I want to create an event where a contest run has the potential to be more progressive than a video part,” said Travis Rice in a 2012 interview on TWSNOW.com. “I’d like to see this event become the highest echelon of competitive snowboarding. I’m totally backing slopestyle, all the stuff, but I feel that there’s even a level above slopestyle. Riding fresh snow changes everything. I’m hoping that the up and comers will be a big part of these events as they continue in the future.”

Hieronder zijn reacties van een aantal betrokkenen terug te lezen naar aanleiding van het nieuws dat de editie van dit jaar geannuleerd is. Bekijk daarnaast ook even de winnende run van Gigi Rüf op Red Bull Ultra Natural 2013.

Foto: Red Bull Content Pool – Nelson

[youtube id=”Qr4a7HEAwGk”]

Reactie Red Bull

“As a progressive visionary, Travis Rice has a long term goal of hosting Red Bull Ultra Natural in various locations around the globe. Additionally, the television time slot for Red Bull Ultra Natural in 2014 is being pre-empted by extensive Olympic coverage. As a result, the difficult decision to postpone the event in 2014 has been made. After two amazing years of creating and hosting a truly unique, successful and groundbreaking event, Red Bull will work with Travis next year to scout new backcountry zones for a potential build site. Red Bull would like to tip their hat to the entire event crew and Baldface Lodge staff for their participation in helping to shape the future of competitive snowboarding. Everyone from the loggers to the build crew to the homies and staff of Baldface Lodge magically transformed the now famous “Scary Cherry” run into what has become that of snowboarding legend, all in a backcountry location that allowed the greatest snowboarders of our time to freeride together for seven amazing days.”

Reactie Jeff Penseiro

“I was given the opportunity of a lifetime when asked to host Red Bull Ultra Natural. It took two years of planning, cutting and laboring to create the course, and during that process we experienced a lodge collapse! It could have been easy to get lost in all the challenges at that time, but the opportunity to create something this incredible was just too great, to allow failure in any way. Working with Travis was like having rocket fuel in the tank and his endless energy and creativity helped with the lodge rebuild as well as the course build. I can’t thank him enough for his positivity and support over the years. What we were able to accomplish with Travis and Red Bull truly changed the face of competitive snowboarding forever.”

Reactie Travis Rice  

“I have a vision for this event but it was Jeff, the loggers, and the whole Baldface team that allowed me to turn that dream into reality. From building the features, to working with the best people in the business, to shredding pow with a group of the best snowboarders and friends in the world, that’s what it’s all about right there. Establishing Red Bull Ultra Natural at Baldface Lodge was an absolute honor and a privilege, and I hope we’re able to repeat the same amazing quality and vibe of the event as we begin to scout new locations next year.”