17-07-2014 - Kitesurfen, Nieuws

Slingshot presenteert 2015 collectie

Slingshot heeft een belangrijke doelstelling bij de ontwikkeling van alle producten. Hiermee moet men in staat zijn om memorabele momenten op het water te beleven. Dit sluit uiteraard aan bij de filosofie van het merk. Men wil meer tijd op het water en iedere dag nog meer plezier!

Om dit te kunnen realiseren heeft men weer de nodige verbeteringen doorgevoerd in de producten die deel uitmaken van de 2015 collectie. Hieronder kun je een aantal modellen bekijken maar voor de gehele collectie kun je terecht op de website van Slingshot.

1. 2015 Rally

Still the most versatile kite ever produced, the 2015 Rally defines ‘confidence.’ Never before has one kite been able to accomplish so much for so many different styles of riding. The Rally delivers incredible wind range, maneuverability and low-end power. Quite simply it’s the most efficient and user friendly kite in the world.

The Rally was the kite of choice for the Enable Passion transatlantic crossing. Slingshot’s legendary construction ensures maximum durability and performance. We use a state of the art manufacturing process and only top-of-the-line materials to ensure that you don’t ever miss a session. If you are into waves or freestyle or just want a kite that can handle anything you can throw at it, the 2015 Rally is the kite for you.

[vimeo id=”100417677″]

2. 2015 Asylum

The Asylum returns for 2015 as a top choice of elite pros and everyday core riders. The board’s unique blend of precision laser cut channels and aggressive rocker allows any riding style to excel.

Features for 2015 include the industry’s only Atomic Wood Core with laser cut channels. Flex performance is magnified through our Future Response Technology, delivering massive pop and outstanding flex/ rebound characteristics. Precision laser cut channels offer all the drive you need for upwind performance as well as insane tracking through all water conditions. Engineered to ride with or without fins. However you choose to ride your Asylum, rest assured you’ll be backed by Slingshot’s legendary construction and durability.

[vimeo id=”100466287″]

3. 2015 Misfit

New for 2015, the Misfit now features precision laser cut NACA TECH channels. That’s right, we put aerospace design into a kiteboard. The Misfit has raised the bar again for performance freeriding. The Misfit’s proven versatile shape, combined with Slingshot’s legendary construction and durability is the benchmark for rider improvement.

Engineered to provide a consistent rider controlled flex and pop, the Misfit will satisfy the needs of any rider. With the addition of our precision laser cut NACA Duct channels, we took freeride performance to a whole new level. Like a vacuum, the NACA Duct channels water from the middle of the board to the tip. The directed water accelerates through the channel and increases the board speed and grip to the water. The benefits to the rider are increased edge control and reduced drag through the water. Hand built in our U.S.A. factory, the Misfit features the highest-quality and greenest materials available on the planet.

[vimeo id=”100452476″]