19-05-2014 - Surfen, Nieuws

Soli Bailey wint ASP Australasia Pro Junior Championship

De laatste van de zeven ASP Australazië Junior Qualifying Series (JQS) evenementen werd vorige week in Nieuw-Zeeland gehouden en Soli Bailey wist uiteindelijk beslag te leggen op het felbegeerde ASP Australazië Junior Championship.

Soli heeft dit seizoen diverse hoogte- en dieptepunten van het professionele surfen meegemaakt. Zo won hij de Rangiroa Pro Junior in Frans-Polynesië, maar verloor hij in de eerste ronde van het volgende evenement.

Soli toonde vervolgens de attitude van een ware kampioen, ondanks zes hechtingen in zijn voet wist hij uiteindelijk aanspraak te maken op de titel.


Soli Bailey: “My 2014 season was great, it was super fun travelling around for all the events we had some great waves this year and fortunately for me I had some good results to leave me on top. We had events in Australia, Tahiti and New Zealand so you really need to be prepared and on top of travel and preparation. We see some amazing sights and stay with some great people.”

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet, it’s my biggest accomplishment competitively so far. When I lost in New Zealand I thought I blew it, I thought I needed to make one more heat, but turns out that I’d done enough. It’s a great feeling.”

Rob Bain (Global Brand Ambassador and Asia Pacific Marketing Director): “The whole O’Neill crew is stoked for Soli, and also for our brand to have an ASP, Australasia champion. I got the chance to surf with Soli and Jordy earlier this year and witness the drive in his surfing. The kid rips, charges the big stuff, and has an underlying hunger that will see him rise to the top. Next stop worlds.”