08-12-2017 - Surfen, Nieuws

I Am Surf FilmFestival – 16/12/2017

I Am Surf Film Festival is het meest opwindende Nederlandse filmfestival dat in het teken staat van de surfcultuur in de Lage Landen! Het event biedt een mooie selectie van de beste surffilms van over de hele wereld om te inspireren, motiveren en entertainen. Stoked! 

De zesde editie belooft een line-up van premières, bekroonde documentaires en korte films. In combinatie met inspirerende workshops, gesprekken met filmmakers, eten, drinken en muziek, is I Am Surf er voor alle liefhebbers van het golfsurfen.

I Am Surf Film Festival neemt je dus graag weer mee op een surftrip langs legendarische golven en unieke verhalen waar je dagenlang stoked van blijft. De vorige edities verkochten snel uit. Mis de zesde editie niet op 16 december 2017. Voor meer informatie en tickets kun terecht op de website van I Am Surf Film Festival. 

Om alvast in de stemming te komen hebben we trouwens al even een aantal films voor je op een rijtje gezet! Ook kun je nog even de recap van vorig jaar checken.

Glory of the Glide | European Premiere

We’re honoured to kick-off the festival with a tribute to legendary California shaper Skip Frye. “Glory of the Glide” trims straight into the essence of surfing through revealing interviews and surf footage. This short film explores the history and future of the San Diego Big Board Movement through the eyes and hands of Skip Frye as he passes the torch of design knowledge, stoke and story to the younger generation of upstarts.

Starring Skip Frye, Devon Howard, Josh Hall, Erin Ashley and Jen Smith.

Directed by Beth O’Rourke.

Running time: 15 minutes.

Blue Road | Award Winning Film

Life is made of choices. Some of them bear no consequences at all and others will change your life forever.

“Blue Road” tells the story of Rachel, an Australian surfer who decided to follow her family roots and live surrounded by mountains despite of her passion for surfing. The story of Annabel, a French girl who preferred to return to her cold, silent home in the north of France, rather than follow a professional surfing career. And Alena’s story, who grew up in landlocked Switzerland, but chose to leave her home and her job to dedicate her life to the ocean. Was their choice the right one?

Join Rachel, Annabel and Alena – as different as they are – on their Blue Road, which ultimately leads them to the birthplace of their passion – Hawaii.

Starring Rachel Bonhote-Mead, Annabel Talouarn and Alena Ehrenbold.

Directed by Alena Ehrenbold.

Running time: 50 minutes.

The Fun Boys | European Premiere

Who are the fun boys? The fun boys are the coolest guys in the village! Director Harry Triglone is a true I Am Surf favourite. His sense of humour, relaxed vibes and eclectic music whips up some of the most fun watching surf movies today.

Hop on board for a trip with “the Fun Boys” and get ready to blast off into their slightly warped world. From stylish surfing to raw power, featured Fun Boys Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, Laurie Towner and Wade Goodall will keep you entertained to the gnar.

Directed and produced by Harry Triglone.

Running time: 25 minutes.