08-02-2012 - Surfen, Nieuws

Txaber Trojaola wint de Billabong Mundaka Challenge 2012

Lokale surfer Txaber Trojaola heeft de Billabong Mundaka Challenge gewonnen en heeft zich daarbij gekwalificeerd om mee te doen aan de Billabong Mundaka Pro 2012. De 25 jaar oude Txaber heeft de wildcard bemachtigd via de Mundaka Tubes Online competitie op www.mundakatubes.biz

Enorm veel surfers hadden hun beste video van de Mundaka Challenge geüpload in de hoop een geld prijs en die begeerde wildcard voor de niet uitgenodigde surfers bij het event. Txaber was die man en zal nu surfen tussen een mix van legendes, supersterren en lokale surf helden bij de Inaugural Challenge.

Hier een filmpje van de Challenge:
[youtube id=”ivGzZ4XrJk0″ w=”630″]


Hieronder een kort interview met de winnaar.

“How did you feel when you were told you’d been given a wildcard for the Billabong Mundaka Challenge?”

Txaber:”For me it was amazing to get a start in the Mundaka Challenge. My life revolves around surfing here when it is good, that’s my focus and how I plan for each and every day, so to be a part of this is incredible.”

“Did you think you’d have a chance of winning the wildcard through the online competition?”

Txaber:“Well I knew there was one possibility to get in via this competition, but after surfing this winter and seeing so many good barrels I thought it was going to be extremely difficult. I’d had good waves, but I had no idea how many waves were entered so to be one the picked I was so stoked, surprised but stoked.”

“When did you first surf Mundaka?”

Txaber: “Well I grew up in Bakio, a beach just ten minutes away from Mundaka and so probably surfed Mundaka first when I was 10 or 11 years old. Probably the first two years I was a little too young and didn’t have much a clue, but after that I came here all the time. First on the small days and then as I grew older probably I surfed here every time it broke properly. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve surfed here.”

“Finally, do you think you can win the challenge?”

Txaber: “I think there’s a chance I could win. I mean it’s a different contest to the usual as it’s all about the barrel. So if you are lucky and get the best waves, then anyone can take it out.”