10-12-2013 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Vincent Langer: nieuwe aanwinst Black Team

Point-7 heeft bekend gemaakt dat het Black Team inmiddels weer een nieuwe aanwinst heeft vastgelegd. Vincent Langer zal vanaf volgend seizoen uitkomen voor het Black Team. Speciaal voor deze aankondiging had Point-7 een exclusief interview met de Duitse windsurfer, deze kan je hieronder uiteraard terug lezen. Gefeliciteerd Vincent!

Vincent, you look relaxed, how are you?

I am fine; I’ve just arrived 5 days ago on Tenerife and already had some nice days on the water testing my new stuff with Matteo and Maciek.

You won the German Champion title in 2013! Was it the first time for you to get crowned Champion?

It was the first Overall Title. Last year I missed it by millimetres and got the Formula Title only

Back to Black after winning the German Championship title! Tell us more about it.

In my heart I was always Black. It was good to gain experience from also being on other brands that Point-7 where I was before my last sail change, and now I’m back and super excited  as I already know the slalom sails and now that the new formula sail the FW1 is coming out also I am nothing but smiles. It’s like coming home, because I have a very good relationship to Andrea and his family.

Tell us about the events in Germany. We know that most of them are almost bigger than some PWA events. How is it organized? Who is behind it?

The German tour is amazing, and this is the reason why just a few try to make the step onto the PWA circuit. For example we have the Volvo Surf Cup. It is like a festival with 120.000 spectators. I guess bigger than all the PWA events except the Sylt event in September each year. So there is no reason for a German to compete at international events as it’s amazing what we have at home. We have between 7-10 events, so you can race the whole summer. Most of the events are organized by Choppy Water, a professional event agency.  That being said in 2014 I will also focus on more international evens so it will be a busy year.

Tell us about the racing events in Germany. Who was the best in 2013?

I was! This year had a tour with 8 events. I won most of them. Some events were really big, for example Sylt and Noderney where the events had good coverage on national TV, via social media and printed magazines.

Is it true that Bernd Flessner will not race anymore in 2014, or do you think he will still come to the events?

Officially he is out of the game. But I heard from him he will compete at the White Sands Festival Noderney in 2014. And for sure he will visit some events. I don’t think you go from 100 percent commitment to zero in just one year.

We had 4 events in the PWA Slalom championships in 2013. Did you do all of them?

No, I did just one. We had a very big German tour and for me in 2013 it was more important to get the German Title. And also for my sponsors it was more important to win the title in Germany that having international results as Germany is one of the largest windsurf markets in the world.

What are your plans for this winter training? How long will you stay on Tenerife?  Do you know what it take to be first?

I will give it my best this winter to get prepared with as much time on the water as possible and learn from the other guys on the Black Team who will also be here for the coming months. I will stay here in Tenerife until our first event, so properly until the middle of March.

What are your side projects for 2014?

I will do my famous Kids Camp in Kiel during July and I’ll also do 2 to 3 race clinics combined with the Long Distance Races on Fehmarn. In the summer; I will take care of the Youth Racing team from Kiel. The rest of the time I will be on the water.

Why should windsurfers follow you on your social media pages?

If my fellow windsurfers have an interest in knowing what is happening on the German racing scene and what to stay updated with my own activities then for sure they should link up. Plus I always try to stay as much available as I can if someone is in need of advice on gear etc.

Do you have any plans in bringing something new to Point-7 products for 2014.

Yes, I would love to have a German flag on the racing sails 😉

I think it is difficult to bring something new. P7 is innovative and have his own style. No one knows it better than the owner Andrea, who is also testing and developing all products. The thing I can help him with is during testing and to promote the brand and show that the products are of the winning formula.

What has 2013 brought to you and what will 2014 bring to you?

2013 was a lot of fun and success on the water and hopefully there will be even more of this in 2014.

What if you win the PWA?

Then for sure I get a cover shot on Surf Magazine…and maybe a small party with my friends. After that, training will get even harder to maintain the dominance.

Talk to us about formula windsurfing. You started in this discipline at a very young age?

I feel like I have been formula windsurfing my whole life. I really like it as it is more tactical that slalom. We will soon receive some more FW1 proto sails here on Tenerife, so more time to work on them.

What are the pros and cons to be a pro these days?

For sure you will not get rich with this sport. But the good thing is, you do what you love. This is something, not many people can say that about their professional career.

What do the other PWA riders know you for?

I am German, I am always on time and I am a fair sportsman.

How is your typical day with wind and without wind?

If it is windy I am on the water. Depending on the wind, but mostly I will be out on slalom or formula training. If there is no wind, I am at the gym or working on my gear.

Andrea Cucchi Vincent came to my house last Xmas dressed up like father Xmas for my 2 small daughters.  Vincent is not only a great sportsman, but also a good friend who we love to spend time with.  He was in our team from 2009 to 2011, and even when he was not with us for those 2 years, he was always part of our training program in the winters.  I have sailed a lot with Vincent in Tenerife during the last years as he joined our Black Team program on the water already last year.  He knows how our team works, and I believe this is also a reason, apart from the fast sails, why Vincent is now joining us again. I believe Vincent has a high potential to achieve great results also on the PWA World Tour. He has been at the very top in Germany in the last years, and now it’s time for him to take for the next step. We need to boost up his self-belief so he can realise all his dreams.

We now have a new distribution network in Germany through Liquid Sports located in Kiel Germany managed by former World Cup racer Phillip Horn, and I believe with this combination we can give the very best support and service to our Point-7 friends in the country. With Phillip and Vincent we have planned many different activities which will be displayed throughout the year to give service, support, information and fun. We are all very excited to have Vincent back because we all knew that he was always black on the inside. 


Surname: Langer

Sail number: G-122

Sail mostly used: AC-1 9,3

Why: Cause I am fast on big Slalom Sails

Best Results: German Champion 2013, IFCA Slalom Vice World Champion

Club: Bayer Uerdingen e.V.

Sponsor: Point-7, RRD, CARL REHDER GMBH, Concat, Maui Jim, Chiemsee, G-Shock, Reno

Social media pages: Facebook: Vincent Langer GER-122/Professional Windsurfer, Xing: Vincent Langer

Home spot: Kiel/ Heidkate