29-02-2012 - Surfen, Nieuws

Wacht periode Session Ierland eindigt

De wacht periode voor de Billabong tow in Session, Ierland gepresenteerd door Monster Energy, Irish Surfing Association (ISA) en de Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club (ITSRC) is vandaag geëindigd, resulterend in een big-wave evenement dat niet zal plaats vinden deze winter.

De Billabong tow in Session werd voor het eerst in februari 2011 gehouden met het inaugural event met massieve golven van 8 meter bij Mullaghmore aan de westkant van Ierland. Dit jaar, ondanks een 4 maanden durende wacht periode zijn de golven niet goed genoeg, dus is er besloten dat het evenement volgend jaar zal worden gehouden.

“We’ve had a few swells that have come close,” Zei Paul O’Kane. “However we set the standard incredibly high with the first event and were determined to only hold the event if the conditions were as good as that, if not better. It’s a little frustrating, but at the end of the day we are dealing with the ocean and it was always going to have the final say.”

Ben Freeston, surf voorspeller was het daar mee eens. “The conditions needed for Mullaghmore to show it’s real face are so specific you might only see them a handful of times in the best years. This year we have had four or five swells that were big enough to be interesting, but not quite competition standard.”

Er word nu uitgekeken naar volgend jaar, met Billabong, de ITSRC en uitgenodigde surfers.
“Billabong is still 100% committed to the contest for next year and we are stoked to be an active supporter of the Irish surfing scene,” said François Liets, Billabong Wetsuits Brand Manager for Europe. “On a personal level I can’t wait to go back there to again meet good friends and surf the best waves of Europe. I’d like to thank Paul O’Kane and everybody involved from the Irish Surf Association for the great work put together during the last two years.”