27-01-2014 - Surfen, Nieuws

Wavesisters: surfcamps voor dames

Wavesisters organiseert surfcamps voor vrouwen en meisjes op verschillende locaties in Europa. Zo worden er in de zomer trips afgelegd naar Spanje en Portugal en kan men in de winter naar Lanzarote. De Wavesisters Surfcamps zijn bovendien geschikt voor surfers van alle niveau’s, zowel ervaren surfers als beginners zijn welkom. 

De surfcamps op Lanzaorte zijn speciaal ontwikkeld voor de dames en dit betekent dat de activiteiten en het gehele programma hier natuurlijk ook op afgestemd zijn. Het Canarische eiland staat ook wel beter bekend als het Hawaii van Europa en is een echte droomlocatie voor alle surfers. Je kan optimaal genieten van de zonneschijn, de vele momenten op het water en het strand. Het vulkanische landschap van het eiland is bovendien indrukwekkend. Daarnaast biedt het vissersdorpje Famara alle voorzieningen die je maar kan wensen voor een perfecte surfvakantie.

Hieronder kan je trouwens alvast de ervaringen van een vrouwelijke deelneemster terug lezen. Als de Wavesisters Surfcamps je wel wat lijken dan kan je natuurlijk even de website checken. Hier vind je nog veel meer informatie, bijvoorbeeld over de verschillende locaties en de activiteiten. Hiervoor kan je trouwens ook op de Facebook-pagina van Wavesisters terecht.

I have escaped the gloomy winter weather at home towards the sunny Canary Island of Lanzarote for a week of surfing, yoga and relaxing with other girls. I was so excited!

When I arrived a girl from WaveSisters welcomed me at the airport and we drove across the island to Famara. This little village with its pretty white houses and welcoming tapas bars and restaurants offers a relaxed atmosphere – not only for surfers but for everyone looking for something far from mass tourism. At the modern apartment I met the other girls that would be surfing and enjoying the week with me. It was a nice mixture of “surf chicas” – from beginners to intermediate and advanced surfers. I love that people of all ages meet here at the all-girls surfcamp. While we were sitting and chatting, preparing the dinner I got to know everybody. How awesome is it to feel at home at once?!?

Our female surf teacher arrived the next morning after breakfast at the little local cafe in the village with yummy Spanish sandwiches, cakes and coffee. She would be with us for the whole week and is a qualified surf instructor. She explained to us all we needed to know about surfboards, wetsuits, wax, wind, waves and co. I really felt more comfortable in the water knowing about currents, winds and how and why waves are breaking. All girls without their own wetsuit and board got a good choice of material: a wide range of wetsuit sizes and boards.

Our first surf session was within 5-10 minutes of walking from the apartment on the long sandy beach of Famara. After warming up together we started in the white water while a group of intermediates paddled out into the line-up. The waves were beautiful and the water was a comfortable 18 degrees – perfect.

At the end of the week we went to a little beach on the other side of the island and I got my first green wave! Can you imagine? And I paddled in by myself! Thanks again WaveSisters! We drove to some other surf spots Lanzarote has to offer – there is a huge choice with reef breaks, beaches and more for beginners and advanced surfers. I loved to watch the surfers at La Santa!

All surfed-out we headed back to the apartment to chill out on the balcony and the rooftop terrace, my favourite place! We normally finished our days with an hour of yoga on the sunny rooftop terrace to help our bodies recover from surfing. I couldn´t stop giggling during the balance postures. Perfectly relaxed we often completed the days with a nice self-cooked dinner and a glass of wine.

Of course, we also took the time to discover the island, experience some of its unique volcanic landscape and sights during our week.

At the end of the week, lying on my bed, I look back at this brilliant time! A big thanks to WaveSisters for everything! I learnt so much about surfing – those low pressure systems are turning clockwise, aren´t they or was it anti-clockwise – why can I never remember?

Dreaming about the waves, the beach and the fun I had I drift off into a well deserved sleep – looking forward to my next surf session and already thinking about my next trip! The question is whether to go to France or Portugal and how will I tell my folks at home that I will be off again so soon????

Go and enjoy a week with WaveSisters in their surfcamp in Lanzarote, Portugal or France incl. accommodation in a twin/double room, surfboard and wetsuit rental, surfcourse, yoga, airport transfer and shared car. Surfaris and child care also available.

In the summer WaveSisters offers surfing and yoga for girls in France and Portugal and in the winter on Lanzarote. More information on: www.wavesisters.com