22-03-2011 - Snowboarden, Nieuws

Wereldkampioen freeride: Anne-Flore!

De Franse/Zwitserse Anne-Flore Marxer, beter bekent met haar freestyle skills, won de Freeride World Tour titel vrouwen in Verbier, Zwitserland. En ze behaalde dit met een wildcard in haar eerste seizoen van de tour!

“The Bec des Rosses is by far the most beautiful face and the conditions today were without a doubt the best of the season. It’s important for me to point out that while this face is beautiful it’s far from being easy. I was thinking that I would take a steep line to take speed and jump a lot of cliffs but in the end I decided to be safe partly due to the sluff and hidden rocks. This title makes all my efforts this season worth it. The Freeride World Tour has been a great experience. I can’t wait to come back next year!” aldus Anne-Fore.

Van harte gefeliciteerd Anne-Flore en tot volgend jaar!

[youtube id=”MOA0NLW5HgQ” w=”630″ h=”384″]