Naish Trust Foil

Naish richt zich vol op het foilen, en doet er alles aan om deze discipline zo laagdrempelig mogelijk te maken. Naast boards voor alle niveaus, een speciaal foilzeil en de nodige foils is de nieuwste truc uit de doos van Robby Naish de Abracadabra QuickPlate. De plate, die net als de normale Naish-foils met vier schroeven op het board wordt bevestigd, maakt het mogelijk met één enkele schroef je foil te bevestigen en los te maken. Ben je toch weer vijf minuten eerder op het water! De Abracadabra QuickPlate is verkrijgbaar als complete set of los en werkt op alle Naish foils. Prijs (los): € 219,-


Wat zegt het merk?

Mast Size: 70 cm |Aspect Ratio: 3.46 | Wingspan: 65 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1220 cm2

While forgiving for those just getting started, the Thrust Windsurf foil setup also offers boundless potential for those looking to advance their skills. 50% lighter than its 2018 counterpart, the 2019 delta shaped front wing creates lift at very low speeds and maintains stability through both for-and-aft as well as side-to-side movements. Compared to high aspect wing shapes, this delta is incredibly user-friendly and delivers earlier lift. Whether it’s blowing under 10 knots or if the wind is hitting the high 20s, this wing is ready for the ride. Conversely, in the same conditions, riders on high aspect wings are forced to switch to a smaller wing set, since their lightwind wing sets would no longer be controllable.

Easy jibing and other maneuvers are another advantage of the Thrust WS setup. The delta front wing works in tandem with the vertical stabilizer of the back wing to deliver easy control when turning. The front wing provides lift at low speeds making it much easier to cruise through a jibe without coming off the foil. While high aspect foils require the board to plane first, the Thrust WS setup engages the foil, lifting you up even when the board has not reached full planing.

The Thrust Windsurf foil setup offers the earliest foiling in the lightest winds, maximum control at any wind speed—in comparison to high aspect foils—and accessible maneuverability in jibes and tacks. Its unique design, not only welcomes new riders to the sport, it supports you through the journey as you advance your skill level.

The new Abracadabra QuickPlate connection makes it quick and effortless to detach and store your board and foil separately. One screw is all it takes to quickly and easily disconnect the entire foil system from your board, while the bottom of the plate can remain in place. Just a few turns of a #3 Phillips head screwdriver yields a secure and tight connection between foil and board. The Abracadabra QuickPlate is available in the complete set or as an aftermarket item for any current or previous Naish aluminum masts.

The Hover Kite 130, 155, and 160 foilboards have a shallower track system and therefore require the shorter screws as supplied with the board. These boards CANNOT be used with the longer screws that come with the Naish Thrust foil.
When pairing all other Naish Hover Foilboards with your Naish Foil, use the screws supplied with the foil. 

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