08-02-2019 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Minder dan een maand tot Défi Wind Japan

Over een paar weken is het zover, de eerste editie va Défi Wind Japan! Er zijn al meer dan 100 windsurfers die zich hebben aangemeld. Ook enkele grote namen zullen deelnemen, zo is Sarah Quita Offringa (15x PWA wolrd champ) aanwezig en ook Philip Köster (4xPWA wave world champion), Björn Dunkerbeck (42x PWA world champ), Andrea Cucchi (Defi Wind 2014 winner), Boujmaa Guilloul and Nicolas Warembourg (Defi Wind 2018 winner) deelnemen. Het evenement is open voor 200 deelnemers en vindt plaats bij Maehama Beach, een van de mooiste stranden van Azië. Een buitengewoon avontuur, en de uitgelezen kans een bijzonder stukje Japan te ontdekken op je windsurfboard. Meer info en speciale reisdeals vind je op defiwind-jp.com.

Meer info in het pers-bericht hieronder;

In the world of windsurfing, everyone knows the Défi Wind of Gruissan. Launched in 2001 by Philippe Bru together with Wind Magazine and local authorities, the event has grown to be the biggest pro-am event in the world with over 1000 riders on the starting line. The Defi Wind has now started to export its original Defi Wind pro-am concept to new destinations. From February 28th to March 3rd, the first Defi Wind Japan will be launched in Miyako Island (Okinawa, Japan). Please find below the lastest news about this first ever Defi Wind in Asia. As you will see, with 100 riders and many big names registered everything’s looking good for a successfull event in a spot looking like a windsurfing paradize!

Bringing the concept to new locations!

« Bringing the Defi Wind’s original concept to new locations, should make it easier for new people to expérience this special long distance pro-am event and enlarge the community. This project offers as well an opportunity for europeans to discover new windsurfing destinations in the Defi Wind spirit. And of course an event is always good for promoting the sport of windsurfing. » says Philippe Bru about the new Defi Wind Japan. The Defi Wind guru has already organized some Defi Wind World Series in Mauritius, Tahiti and Bonaire over the past years and many other events, but « Japan always sounds spécial. First, this country is an important windsurfing market with many windsurfers, and morover the country is fascinating due to its unique history and culture. » the french man explained . In conséquence, as you can imagin the event is very exciting for every people involved!

Dream spot !

Located at the same lattitude of Maui (Hawaii), Miyako Island is one of the most southern Island of Japan. Tropical weather, white sands, warm wind and clear blue waters are already waiting for the event ! The japanese organisation team of M. Hirota is already working hard to produce a successfull event. They put a great energy into it and that’s what our sport needs. Assited by the usual team of Gruissan, Philippe Bru will of course manage the race, based on the original Defi Wind concept: « Pros and amators together, same place, same starting line, simple concept, minimum rules. That’s the plan for Defi Wind Japan » explained Philippe Bru who is strongly believing on the simple long distance course racing format. And he’s not alone !

Windsurfing stars will be in Japan !

For this first édition, one hundred windsurfers are expected and many stars have already confirmed ! Philip Köster (4xPWA wave world champion), Sarah Quita Offringa (15x PWA wolrd champ), Björn Dunkerbeck (42x PWA world champ), Andrea Cucchi (Defi Wind 2014 winner), Boujmaa Guilloul and Nicolas Warembourg (Defi Wind 2018 winner) will take part in the event together with all the amators. Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch are getting ready to cross the startline and push their limits in the “country of the rising sun” from febraury 28th to march 3rd. A new page of the Defi Wind Story is about to be written, but this time in japanese language !?