24-04-2014 - Surfen, Nieuws

Joel Parkinson: Pro Surf Training

De trainingsprogramma’s die Joel Parkinson gebruikt in zijn jacht naar de tweede wereldtitel zijn nu ook beschikbaar op Anroid Devices en terug te vinden in de Google Play Store. De eerste surf fitness applicatie ter wereld is momenteel al een enorm succes op de iPhone.

Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training by Wes Berg behaalde op iTunes al de eerste plaats in de sportcategorie en werd daarnaast uitgeroepen tot een van de Best New App in 12 regio’s. Voor meer details kan je onderstaande informatie rustig terug lezen of de Facebook pagina bekijken.

Joel Parkinson: “The app has been really well received by surfers all over the world.  It’s been great to have people in Brazil, The States and throughout Europe getting in touch to tell us how it’s helped their surfing. It is cool to know there are surfers on the other side of the world doing the same Bells program as me leading into this event.Bells is one of the hardest waves on tour to surf and definitely some of the most grueling training in order to prepare”

[youtube id=”caozdRHrHF0″]

As with the popular iPhone version, Parkinson takes users through the different stops of the ASP World Tour offering a rare insight into the challenges surfers face for the different locations.

Not only can people train alongside Joel for Bells but every stop on the world surfing tour. They can also focus on the type of wave at their local break. The new app features 30 programs and more than 150 surfing-specific exercises to help make people stronger- faster- better surfers.

Focusing on core strength, leg power and balance the app is designed to give all surfers, from grommets though to World Champions, the tools and confidence to be the best surfer they can be.

“Training for surfing is different to other sports; we train on land to perform in the water.  All the movement’s we do in the gym are just like they would be on your board so each exercise easily transfers to performance in the water.  It is great that it is now available for all surfer with the android release” Wes Berg.