09-04-2014 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Sara Sommer over dames en windsurfen

De Deense windsurfer Sara Sommer is in de wintermaanden afgereisd naar West-Australie en heeft vele sessies gepakt rondom Geraldton. Zij was blij dat ze hier vele andere dames met een passie voor windsurfen tegen kwam.

Onze collega’s van Continent Seven hebben een mooi artikel over deze dames gepubliceerd, dat geschreven is door Sara. Hieronder alvast een fragment uit het volledige artikel. Bekijk ook even de video die bij het artikel hoort!

[vimeo id=”87243944″]

When I started windsurfing I believed my sister and I were among the only girls in my area who windsurfed. I rarely saw another girl on the water. It was for sure a male dominated sport, but is this still the case? In my surf club there were at least 10 boys for every one girl. Now almost 1/3 of the windsurfers on the water are girls. I like sailing with boys, but sailing with girls gives something to compare my level to and it motivates me more into trying new moves when I see a girl ripping on the water, than a guy that’s way above my level.

During many of my earlier travels I used to get comments from guys saying that they rarely see girls on the water. But watch out boys, the girls are going strong on the water!!! Now I am in Australia for my winter training. The beaches don’t generally get that busy, especially not with girls, but arriving at Coronation Beach I counted 16 girls on the water on a random day, not bad considering there was a maximum of 40 people out! The first day I arrived I met a group of 5 Dutch girls living the windsurfing dream and travelling all the windsurfing spots of WA. (Lees meer..)