07-07-2016 - Windsurfen, Nieuws

Tabou lanceert 2017 collectie

GA Windsurfing en Tabou boards hebben de 2017 collectie geïntroduceerd met een indrukwekkende video, die je hieronder kunt checken. We hebben we de highlights van de Tabou 2017 collectie nog even voor jullie op een rijtje gezet, voor nog veel meer informatie kun je de websites van Gaastra en Tabou bekijken. 

Tabou introduceerde vijf verschillende Wave/Cross boards: Da Curve, Pocket, Pocket Vintage, 3S LTD/CED, Twister. Ook voor deze line-up kun je aparte video’s terug vinden op de website of YouTube van het merk. Voor het gemak hebben we de specs van de Tabou 2017 collectie ook alvast voor je op een rijtje gezet.


Da Curve 

The professionals ask for two things in a wave board: to go fast and turn easily. Last year, we started from zero to create a brand new DaCurve that is fast enough to rip in onshore winds and mushy waves but also maneuverable enough to carve at Hookipa. This DaCurve is the board that Thomas Traversa used to win the PWA World Title.

Graham Ezzy rides the DaCurve at Jaws: “I love the DaCurve 80 at Jaws because the board is so fast, which makes it easy to catch the massive waves.”

  • Tested on the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean,   Hookipa and Jaws
  • Flat rocker in two places for more acceleration and therefore higher jumping
  • Winger outline for more power in messy surf, more speed, and better upwind performance
  • Double concave bottom and flat deck work together so that the board turns radically
  • The full rails allow for freestyle tricks and the new-school wave moves
  • Five lightweight slot boxes allow the DACURVE to ride as a thruster or quad
  • Flexlight Carbon/Innegra construction for a board that is both strong and lightweight


The new Pocket is a modern wave board that is the result of 4 years of testing compact shapes. Originally we designed the new Pocket for weaker, real-world waves, but our team riders love riding the Pocket at Hookipa too. Even though it is fast and easy to ride, when pressure is applied to the backfoot during wave riding, the new Pocket turns radically with lots of speed.

We tested every kind of nose and tail shape, and the new Pocket features our favorite combination: a double-diamond tail and a normal nose, for a mix of maneuverability and comfort. The short length and winger outline make turning radically easy, which allowed us to use a very straight rocker so that the Pocket accelerates even when the wind is light or the current is strong.

Ross Williams: “I love the new Pocket. The 87L works perfectly for me in Europe and Hookipa.”

  • Compact outline for tight turning and easy storage off the water
  • Normal nose shape for comfort in the surf and chop
  • Extra straight rocker in the tail for lots of speed
  • Channel bottom for grip in the top turn
  • Full rails for a stable, forgiving feel and to make new-school wave tricks easier

Pocket Vintage

A true Tabou classic, the Pocket Vintage is the perfect wave board for every level of sailor. Easy and early to plane, the Pocket Vintage flies through the waves, allowing you to focus on which wave you want to jump or surf, which makes learning to wave sail easier. The high speed and smooth turning mean that the Pocket Vintage provides radical performance good enough for the pros.

The thruster setup offers a surfy feel, and you also have the option to ride the Pocket Vintage as a single fin if you want more drive for flat water blasting or bump-and-jump.

  • Double winger swallowtail keeps speed when surfing and provides control for tight turns
  • Forward fin positions for easier turning
  • Full rails make the Pocket Vintage forgiving in chop and easier to spin in tricks
  • Compact outline for control on the water and in the air
  • Rocker and outline designed for both front and back foot turning.


Freedom is the spirit of windsurfing. For us, freedom means simply having fun on the water in every kind of condition. A full quiver in just one board, the 3S is a board to ride in all sea conditions, similar to the all-mountain ski in skiing. The 3S planes fast and easy like a freerider but is maneuverable enough to carve in the waves and to try freestyle tricks.

New for 2017, the 3S is modern and compact, which radically increases the board’s performance in speed and maneuverability. The compact outline makes turning much easier and therefore allows us to use a straighter rocker, which means the new 3S is both faster and more maneuverable with a magic glide over the water. The shorter shape also fits better in small cars and boardbags. Additionally, the new fuller rail and  flatter deck provide stability and control.

Like in the previous years, the new 3S uses a double step tail cutout to increase both speed and maneuverability. In a straight line, the cutouts have less wetted surface area and therefore less drag and a higher top speed. On the rail, the cutouts act like kick tail so that the board turns in a much tighter radius.

All sizes are available in the lightweight and rigid LTD construction, which makes the boards accelerate faster and respond more directly.

  • Compact shape with a cut nose and tail for better control, tighter turns, and easier storage off the water
  • Less tail kick to get planing sooner
  • Double concave in the nose to feel soft through chop
  • Stepped cut-outs for more acceleration, a higher top speed, and more maneuverability
  • Full rail and flat deck combination for stability and control


Like in skateboarding, Freestylers want boards that go fast, pop high, and keep spinning, but most important is a feeling of control, which is why we designed the Twister to feel like an extension of your body, making it easy to try the newest freestyle moves. On the World Tour, Anthony Ruenes uses the Twister because it allows him to focus on landing tricks instead of thinking about the board.

The Twister pops so high because of two reasons: 1) the rocker is straight under the feet with kick in the tail, which allows the tail to sink down quickly before popping back up, like an ollie on a skateboard and 2) the winger outline means the board is wide and therefore stable in the middle but has a small tail that when pushed on, creates a wave under the board that acts like a small ramp.

The thinness of the Twister creates a comfortable close-to-the-water feeling that provides more control.

  • Straight rocker with tail kick for maximum pop
  • Winger pintail for high top speed
  • Thin to give more control and a close-to-the-water feeling
  • Thick rails to make spinning tricks like spocks easier
  • Single fin for more control and slide