28-07-2016 - Surfen, Nieuws

I Love the Seaside: onmisbare travelguide

‘I Love the Seaside’ is een surfboek van maar liefst 384 pagina’s, de ultieme travel guide van zuidwest Europa in het Engels. Het boek beschrijft de mooiste surfspots in Brittanië, Frankrijk, Noord-Spanje, Portugal en Andalusië. Een onmisbaar voor je surftrips in Europa en daarom extra voordelig te bestellen in de Soul Webshop

Surfing and travelling: I Love the Seaside offers the best of both worlds, and a little more. For this guide we explored surf meccas in France, Spain and Portugal, extensively. From the well-known beaches of the Algarve and the Basque country to lesser-known, friendly surf areas like Galicia, Andalusia and Brittany.

Of course, you can check where and when to surf, for all levels, but we aim for much more than that, by giving you a good sense of the backdrop, the scenery and the atmosphere. Our guide points out the best places to hang out, to do some funky shopping, or other activities; like horse riding, yoga, hiking, biking, visiting a spa or getting a good massage. We guide you to the nicest seaside accommodations and coolest places to eat or enjoy a sunset beer, all to suit your budget.

Besides practical information from like-minded and like-passionate people, you’ll learn and read about the surroundings of your favourite surf breaks. Get to know the area through the eye of local surfers, artists and shapers. Learn about exotic food in a way that you can use it yourself, a fun exercise to help your surfing skills and get advice on finding a funky place to stay, a hiking trail, rent a bike or a horse, drop in to a yoga-class and where to repair your board.

What’s included?

  • Beautiful and inspiring photos, maps
  • Detailed and clear description of surf breaks for all levels
  • Activities (yoga, SUP-tours, biking, wine-tasting, kids stuff, etc)
    • Accommodations, shops, restaurants, cafes
  • Surf shops, schools, camps, board rental and repair
  • Interviews with seaside locals
  • Local food facts and recipes
  • Yoga tips and tricks for surfing


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