03-09-2016 - Kitesurfen, Nieuws

Voor Bruna Kajiya opnieuw Zuid Afrika!

Dit jaar heeft Bruna Kajiya opnieuw gekozen om te gaan trainen in de koude wateren van Zuid Afrika.





From a handful of destinations to choose from for my pre-season training, once again, I chose to cross the Atlantic Ocean and land on the cold waters of Cape Town. It is not for smooth winds nor flat water that most riders come here, probably most come for the constant wind that blow almost everyday through Cape Towns summer. I come for the challenge, for years this place has pushed me further then any other, drove me to almost insanity and extreme happiness, and delivered plenty of early morning glassy waves to feed my big passion for surfing.
I am glad to be back again for another season, these last days when the wind was unbearably strong I felt like going somewhere a bit more forgiven up the mountains, only to find myself with the entire spot to myself, which these days is a rare thing around this area. Here are some pics from that session.